welcome to swiitch, a south african beauty brand born out of the internet

we build products to solve problems - our product ideas are crowdsourced, which means members of our community voice their pain points through our platforms, then weigh in on things like formulation, shade selection, packaging & every other aspect that goes in to the production process - with the goal being to create products that do what they say they're going to do, don't break the bank & most importantly - look cute

we're working to build a community of likeminded humans - because beauty in the digital era is fun, exciting & we're proud to connect with people who get it

our story

when we're deciding what product to cook up, we start with you

everything starts from an ongoing conversation with our community

we listen and learn in order to bring you the products you can’t find out there

social media for us is not a place to just speak about ourselves, it’s a place where we get to listen and engage with our community in order to figure out what you need/want next

anytime we're working on anything - we're working on it with the people who are going to end up using it - making it the most effective, valuble version of itself

so far, through stories, post, polls, dm’s and surveys we’ve gathered more than 500,000 replies and counting - born out of these replies are the 14 products in our line

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