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we build products to solve problems, our ideas are crowdsourced - which means members of our community weigh in on things like formulation, shade selection, packaging & every other aspect that goes in to the production process - with the goal being to create items that you'd actually reach for in your makeup bag


we're building a community of likeminded humans - because beauty in the digital era is fun, exciting & we're proud to connect with people who get it


our HQ is in pretoria, our products are sold on the internet, we ship to all 9 provinces in south africa & we also think that you look lekker today

all skin types / AM & PM

💧 #WaterGel, our first ever skin serum

rosewater to soothe, niacinamide to smooth, shea butter to nourish and ceramideNP to seal in moisture

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things we make:

easy, low maintenance essentials that don't over complicate your routine or make you feel like someone else, because beauty should be fun :)

full, fluffy brows

#BeachBrow fills, fluffs and sets in one go

it comes in 4 shades, dries down matte - but doesn't feel crusty 

blush that looks like your cheeks made it

#BubbleBlush goes on like a smooth, sheer wash of colour, super understated, minimal and skin-like

in a slick squeeze tube for convenience 

dewy dewy dewy

#SuperHeroSpray has 200x concentrated aloe leaf juice powder to calm and intensively hydrate skin 

pore blurring loose powder

#MatteBounce is translucent,  eliminates shine, blurs pores and sets makeup 

things we get asked

  • how do I place an order?

    ordering your products from swiitcheauty® is pretty simple (the website is pretty, and the process is simple) just add the products you would like to your cart, hit checkout, tell us where to ship to by entering your shipping details, then make a payment using your credit card or by performing an EFT
  • how do I know my shade?

    e-mail / DM us a selfie + the product you're interested in so we can help you pick one
  • how much is shipping?

    shipping is R65 nationwide 📦🚛
  • is swiitch cruelty free?

    swiitchbeauty is 100% cruelty free - none of our products / raw materials are tested on animals at ANY stage of the production process
  • how do I get my crush to text me back?

    focus on yourself sis pls
  • how do I get in touch 🚨


kendall wears

#AirMatte in "thicc" 

desiree wears

#AirGloss in "hot sauce" 

swiitch hangout 2020

we asked 150 of our most engaged community members to spend the day with us, for fun

swipe to see how it all went down watch the after movie