About us


Hey babe! My name is Rabia, the founder of SwiitchBeauty.

I want to thank you for wanting to know more about SwiitchBeauty & what it is I do. 

I started SwiitchBeauty, from a 4 square meter area in my bedroom in the summer of 2014. Back then it was just an idea. I didn't have a logo, website or Instagram page. Hell, I didn't even have a single product! 

I was a youtube makeup addict! I would watch tutorials all day, every day & after watching these international beauty guru's rave about their favourite products & tools and it would always occur to me how our beauty product options are so limited here in South Africa. 

 I began researching, day in, day out. Formulation, e-commerce, packaging, manufacturing, design, and everything else to do with this industry.


I could not walk into a store & bust 200 bucks on a lipstick. I figured, there were probably other girls out there with the same problem. Girls who needed something that wouldn't break the bank, but would deliver results at the same time. At SwiitchBeauty you can pick up quality products for as little as R35 & you NEVER have to pay for delivery. 


I started the project small, with an Instagram page & a mere two products and so it began. When I think back to how all of it mushroomed - its pretty crazy. I could never have gotten to where I am today without the support of each & every single one of the babes who have shown their love for the brand, be it through the form of a purchase, sweet e-mail or even a tweet sent my way. Since then its grown, one thing led to another, and here we are. For over a year, I ran the company whilst attending school full time. It got to a point where I would be packing orders until 3AM, and waking up for school the next morning at 6AM. It was a bad time. I was handling product R&D, marketing, imports, financials, as well as order fulfilment all while juggling exams, assignments & extra murals for schools.  Orders were going out late, it took at least 4 days for e-mails to get replied to & customers were NOT happy. I dropped out of grade 10 in the autumn of 2016 to run SwiitchBeauty full time, and I cannot say I have ever made a better decision! I hired 2 babes, one to help out with customer care & one to pack orders. Things have since been brilliant! We recently moved into our very first office space which I am super glad for. The growth of the online store has been phenomenal & SwiitchBeauty just recently started offering free shipping! Offering free shipping on the website was something I wanted from the very beginning. I hate paying shipping / delivery fee's & I didn't want my customers to have to. SwiitchBeauty is South Africa's only sole beauty retailer offering Free Shipping. 


I am passionate about the kind of products I put into the market. Affordability is key, but that never means that quality is compromised. I am involved in every step of the manufacturing process. From formulation to packaging. All SwiitchBeauty products are cruelty free & majority of the brushes are vegan. Customer satisfaction is something that is really key in my company. If a customer is dissatisfied for any reason, a lot of the time there is a lesson to learn from it. Things like that are never taken lightly because as a startup, any kind of feedback is valuable. 


I would love to hear back from you! Mail me on info@swiitchbeauty.com if you have any suggestions, compliments, complaints or love letters ( I like those! Haha ) 


Thank you for reading, and thank you for your part in my journey.