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This by far has been such a good moisturizer that I’ve used in terms of delivering hydration however it’s caused me to have breakouts as well as so much texture. I’m not sure if it is because of the fragrance or the formulation

Maryna Brits
Glazed donut forever!

Bought this moisturiser from Egg and I love it! I use it with watergel serum and its the best combo for by dry skin. It layers beautifully under make up and It works great with other actives! Will definitely be repurchasing!

Radz Jeewa
A gem 💎

An absolute gem of a moisturiser , you will not find better . Currently on bottle 5 of Silk Scream and Soft Serve and just WOW 🤩. The most hydrating yet refreshing moisturiser - absolutely weightless too 🩵 - sits beautifully under makeup or just on bare skin , one of the products I can’t live without 🫶🏻

Decent Lightweight Moisturizer

I don't hate this, but it's not my favourite either. It works well in summer, but not quite enough for winter. You definitely need to layer this with a serum first to give it a boost.
On the other hand, very excited for the new mask that was released as I was using this as a night cream.

Not sure about this one...

I was excited to try this cream, I thought I may have found "the one". However, after a month or so, the smell of the product changed. I used it up any way since I didn't want to waste it. I had bought two bottles. I opened the other one and the same thing happened. The smell changed after a while and it still smells a bit weird. It is a good cream, but not so sure about the stability of the product so I wouldn't purchase it again.