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The best eyeliner I've used and tried alot. The only one that allows me to come close to making a cat eye and it's definitely waterproof! Make sure to close it properly and you good to go. Xxx


Completely dried out before I could use a second time, a week after purchase. Such a waste.

She's not the baddie for me

I bought this eyeliner, and it came with the white packaging. I guess the top didn't close properly because it dried out. I have gotten the new one and hope the same doesn't happen.

The other issue I have with it is that I have hooded eyes, so I do not apply much, and the formula isn't all that waterproof. It smudges after I have allowed it time to dry.

I would love a truly waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner and maybe a mascara too.

The packaging didn’t make it worth it

I was recommended by a friend to buy these, and since I am a makeup artist, I bought 3 to keep as stocks. Unfortunately, I was only able to get one or two uses out of it. It didn’t close properly and ended up drying out immediately. I taped it to keep it close but even so, it didn’t work. The felt tip at the end also begins to disperse so I think that also interferes with the ability to close. I really love switch beauty products and I have bought a lot from your brand, however I wouldn’t recommend this product simply for the packaging. I’m really hoping you guys take this as constructive criticism to improve on this, and perhaps in future I will give it another try if the packaging ever gets fixed.

Great product, horrible packaging

Hands down, best eyeliner I've ever used! I have round, slightly hooded eyes, so the usual liner tricks don't work on me - the brush tip is so precise that I can get the thin lines I need with minimal effort. No more applying/removing/reapplying, only to find that it's uneven or too thick and giving up.

However, the packaging sucks. The top kept popping off and eventually cracked, so it wouldn't stay on and my liner dried out after maybe 5 uses. There is a clear fault with the design of the packaging that needs to be sorted out - everyone I know who uses this has the same issue. Great product at an affordable price, but not worth it if I barely get to use it before it breaks.