review, the R120 concealer from clicks that everyone is talking about!

by rabae ghoor

Personally I have been concealing things on my face for about 4 years. Puberty hit me like a bus, and with it came zits, discolouration & the worst of all - pigmentation

I started off with the MAC liquid concealer (I believe it was the mineralize one) back in 2014. I was 14, and MAC was the beauty authority at the time. Trusted, respected & widely loved. 

I fell in love. with one sweep of this potion & a triangular blending sponge from clicks - all my skin troubles vanished. what a concept. what a dream. Perfect skin in a bottle right?

Subsequently I have tried over 50 different concealers -from Rimmel to Estee Lauder to Maybelline to Essence to Urban Decay to Chanel to Too Faced to Dior - YOU name it I'VE tried it!

My absolute favourite thus far has been Tarte's shape tape, I'm sure you've heard of it? It is possibly the most famous concealer of all time and for good reason. Full coverage, hydrating, dries down matte & does the thinggzzzz. 

So naturally when news that Makeup Revolution has a formula to rival shape tape -I was intrigued.

When I heard that makeup revolution was coming to Clicks stores in south africa, I was further intrigued.

BUT when I heard that the concealer was in fact R120, I almost choked!

I had been forking out R640 every time I needed a new little bottle of "perfect skin", because tarte isn't available here in South Africa I was purchasing it off a local reseller website .

The tarte concealer is 0.33 fluid ounces, the makeup revolution one is 0.14, a little less than half the size. STILL, for the affordability & accessibility - I was hoping, and praying that the Makeup Revolution concealer wow'd me. 

I needed it to be just as full coverage, just as hydrating, just as smoothing, just as grand as the Tarte shape tape.  

 I bought the shade "C12" - there is a decent selection of shades available - However the darker shades are always sold out on the stands, I literally went to about 3 different clicks stores before finding "C12" 

here is the shade selection for reference 

as you can see, very WOC friendly - I like! 

I bought it, I tried it 8 times and here's my honest review: 

This concealer really impressed me! On a scale of 1 to tarte shape tape -I would give it a solid 7 and a half. The price point is amazing, its full coverage, and stays put. It's not super hydrating but it doesn't dry my skin out either, it gives a smoothing effect - just like shape tape. 

my gripe with this product is: IT OXIDISES LIKE CRAZY! (If you don't know what this means, it is a chemical reaction where the product reacts to the temperature,acidity and oils on your skin causing foundation or concealer to appear darker or orange on your skin) this isn't too much of a dealbreaker for me as I can always just shop one or two shades lighter, apply a primer or even bake with a brightening powder. (I mean it was a little embarrassing when I did my makeup at 5AM and flew to Cape Town ,landed looking orange & my face about 3 shades darker than my neck but hey we gotta get through these trials and tribulations to assess what works for us!)

C12 straight out of the bottle looks like a perfect fit for me, once I apply it and it oxidises however it is much warmer and deeper in shade. So off I went back to clicks and bought C10 -two shades lighter. VIOLA, PERFECTION, AMAZEMENTS, IMPRESSED, BEAUTY. 

Overall you guys, this concealer is really worth it for R120 if you can figure out your shade or find a fix for the product oxidising! Definitely receives a stamp of approval from me!

Go get it girls & boys, go get it!