DIY glitter eyeshadow primer

by Kishana Naidoo


let's start with the obvious, some great glitter eyeshadow primers out there are the too faced glitter insurance eye primer and the NYX glitter primer - those 2 are mostly raved about and very well known.

what I want to get down to is what DIY options do we have. I have no recipe for you guys to whip up, but I do have some suggestions of products to use that you probably already own.

first up, chapstick or vaseline. not a thick blob, just a thin layer. If you already wearing eyeshadow and want to apply glitter OVER it, I don't suggest this option, but for a purely glitter eye look, this will work great.

if you want to apply glitter over your eyeshadow, eyelash glue is a great alternative. once again, a light layer, that's all that is needed to make the glitter stay.

some people also say, dabbing an earbud/cotton bud into your eye cream then dabbing it into loose glitter and then spreading it all over your eyelid also works like a charm, I can't vouch for this, but it is a tip from a professional makeup artist, that also uses this nifty trick on her clients.


remember, when putting glitter, especially loose glitter onto your eyelids, keep your eyes closed, getting glitter into your eye can damage your eye and be very painful. also, keep a piece of cotton wool or under eye patch underneath your eye to not get glitter onto your skin or worst, your foundation. It will cling and you will struggle to get it off.

if you have any tricks you know of to make your glitter eyeshadow last all day long, comment down below and let us know.