a full face of makeup with one palette

by Swiitch Beauty

One of the hardest tasks I face at the #SwiitchBeauty pop up events is trying to explain to people what the #HolyGrailFlashCase is & what it does. I usually end up saying :



 and the poor customer is just looking at me like

Mainly because the product looks like a tub of brightly coloured face paint, you can't really blame the customer for being super confused.

In this blog post I hope to share with you guys the many uses of this product. The formula is best described as a super pigmented, semi matte cream product.

No artist in the world has EVERY single colour of paint imaginable. They have a set 12-20 colours that they mix to create their desired colour. 

The inspiration behind the palette was for people to have limitless choices at their fingertips in one compact make up palette that you can take anywhere with you.



1. Foundation

Ladies, I kid you not - I can never find the right foundation shade for my skin tone. I feel like the day makeup companies decided to line up all the ladies with different skin tones to create foundations, I wasn't invited. 

It is a constant struggle. 

With the #HolyGrailFlashCase, you can literally CREATE your custom colour. I mix coral, white, brown & yellow to achieve my shade.


The best part is, you can never go wrong. If you make it too dark, you can always make it lighter,  and vice versa. If you make it too yellow, you can always make it pinker, and vice versa.

This is a brilliant product and I think every make up artist should own one of these. They work with a ton of different people with different skin tones.


2. Contouring 

Personally, I love cream contouring instead of powder contouring. I just find that it looks so much more natural & secondskin like. 

I mix yellow + brown from the flash case to achieve my cream contour shade. I have a medium skin tone, so it works perfectly for me. 

Mixing yellow + brown + white gives us the perfect contour shade for lighter skinned babes.

And the brown on its own works wonders for deeper skinned babes. 


3. Highlighter / Blush

The case has 2 shimmer shades, one silver, & one gold. I would not recommend the silver as a highlighter. At. All. To me it just looks unnatural. I would use the silver more for SFX makeup, glitter brows or even blended over lipstick for a shimmery, glitter finish. 


The gold however, is BEAUTIFUL! In fact, in the #GlowGasmPalette - there is a full pan of this same gold in the flash case.

I wanted more of a peachy toned highlight & so I mixed 2 parts gold + 1 part coral from the #HolyGrailFlashCase and I ended up with this beautiful creation. 


Gorgeous right?                    

The gold is awesome as a highlight on its own, but you can mix it with some of the pink for a shimmery blush.

Speaking of blush, you can mix colors in the palette to create cream blush shades. The Magenta , Coral, and Red shades make beautiful cream blushes on their own, but you can mix it with brown to make it darker, white to make it lighter or even yellow to make it more warm toned. I mixed all three colors together and it gave my cheeks the perfect pink flush! 


4. Lipstick

I won't even bother talking on this too much. You guys know. YOU CAN CREATE ANY. COLOR. EVER.

Sure, you can wear some of the shades straight from the palette - but mixing up your own shade is half the fun. The other half will be bragging that you made the color yourself when everyone asks what you're wearing. That alone makes it the ultimate lip kit. You now have your very own lipstick line in the palm of your hand.

So the next time you see someone rocking an enviable lip on Instagram, you can go right ahead and mix it yourself. Look at that — you're basically Kylie Jenner.

You can create every shade of nude. Every shade of pink. Every shade of brown. Every shade of red. Every shade of everything - with one palette. 

The wear of this formula is great. It is semi matte but you can go ahead and dust some powder over to make to 100% Matte. Or you can apply gloss over top. It is super pigmented and so a little goes a very long way and one swipe of your brush gives you an opaque finish. 

One of my absolute favorite color combinations is the one below.


I don't know if you guys will notice, but that is basically my foundation mixture, with added magenta. Most times I have leftover foundation, so I just pop some magenta in it and boom, there's my everyday lip shade. 



Another thing I want to mention is, don't be afraid to play around with color. If you just saw the above lip shade on someone, you would never say it has green in it, but it does!

Mixing pink + white gives you one shade 

mixing pink + white + yellow will give you another

mixing pink + white + yellow + green will give you another

mixing pink + white + yellow + green + red will give you another

mixing pink + white + yellow + green + red + brown will give you another


You get the point. There are a lot of different shades & hues that you can mix.


 5. Brows & Eyeliner 

I tend to use a mix of the brown + black from the case to fill in my brows. The brown is too light for me & the black is too dark. 


This is a cream product though, so it needs to be set with powder. For brows you can use a translucent powder ( the essence one from clicks is decent and affordable ).

As for eyeliner, this case is cool for mixing up retro shades for the summer. I love a violet - indigo liner for making my brown eyes pop but you can always opt for your regular black / brown. Just remember to set the cream using a powder so it doesn't budge. I recommend setting the eyeliner with the same shade in an eyeshadow so it ends up looking more intense. For example, if I use the black cream as an eyeliner, I will use a black eyeshadow to set it. 


6. Eyeshadow

Rule 1 of using the flash case as eyeshadow. Don't do it!

If you try using these cream shades on your eyelids, you will end up with a creasy mess. 


They do however work fabulously as eyeshadow bases / primers.

Putting a powder product over a cream product is going to intensify it + make it last longer. So you can use a color from the flash case ( or mix your own ) and wear it under your eyeshadow to make it last all day long. Use or mix a shade that is similar to the shade of eyeshadow you're going to be wearing. Or you can just mix a bit of the white & yellow for a neutral base.


7. Colour Corrector 

There will be a separate blog post all about color correcting, what it is, how it works & how to do it. But for now I will just leave you with an image of some color correctors I mixed up using the flash case.



Peachy Coral cancels out dark circles on fair skin tones - this color can be used straight from the case.

Orange cancels out dark circles on medium to deep skin tones. Mix red + yellow to achieve this shade.

Red cancels out dark circles on very deep skin tones. This color can be used straight from the case.

If you have more purplish under eye circles, yellow is going to do the job for you. This color can be used straight from the case. 

If you have yellowness or a yellow undertone that you want to get rid of, use lavender. Mix coral, teal, and white from the case.

Use teal / green to cancel out redness.

Lastly, one thing I must mention though, is that the product is VERY thick. So if you're not a full coverage girl ( like myself ) I would really recommend mixing this into your daily face moisturizer to make it a more lightweight, everyday formula. Like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. 

I recommend using the Olay face moisturizer. You can pick it up at your Clicks / Dischem for under R100.

I hope this breakdown on how to use the #HolyGrailFlashCase helped out and have inspired you with new ideas. This is a great addition to any make up lovers collection and definitely lives up to it's name that it a holy grail.