7 eyeshadow shades you actually really need

by Swiitch Beauty

If you are a makeup artist / makeup enthusiast - you will definitely relate to having that ONE eyeshadow shade that was sent down by the angels themselves.


It goes with every look, is your eye makeup must have! These shades will most probably have a deep hole in it, because you have used it SO DAMN MUCH.

 In this blog post I share my 7 must have shadows, perfect for beginners who are looking to expand their collection!

1. The classic matte black

There isn't anything stronger than the bond between me & my matte black eyeshadow. I use this baby for smokey eyes, on my upper + lower lash line and I use it in my crease to create depth with tons of different looks.


2. The transition

Do you ever notice how your favourite MUA on Instagram always has her eye makeup blended ON POINT? There aren't any harsh lines, everything is seamless and the colors just flow into each other.

A transition shade is a shade you would use to blend two other eyeshadow shades together. For example, if you have a light shade on the lid and a darker shade in the crease, you would use a transition shade in between the two of these to help them blend easier.

3. The Dark Brown

For when you want to go for a sultry look, but not black. Dark brown works well to fill in brows, smudge along the lash line or pop into your crease for added depth.


4. The Cream Shade

You will always need a blank cream shade. Whether it is as a base for the rest of your eye look, to set concealer on your eye lid, or highlight your brow bone / inner corner. This baby is a must have.

5. The matte taupe

If there is one thing we learnt from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? it is that contouring your lids with a shine-free taupe shadow is the perfect compliment to full lashes and dewy skin.

6. The copper sparkle

A shimmery, golden hue is the ultimate summer shadow. It’s a fuss-free way to define your eyes on a night out and make the slightest tan pop. Plus, since the shade is in the family of nude, it’s incredibly easy to apply--just dust it on!


7. The champagne shimmer

You can apply a pale, slightly-shimmery champagne hue to the inside corners of your eyes to fake a wide-awake look, and your brow bone to complement a smoky eye. Plus, this shade can double as a highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones in a pinch. Or dust all over your lids to complement a deep wine lip color look.


These eyeshadows can take you from day to night. Clubbing on Saturday to Brunch on Sunday.