how to: beauty on a budget

by rabae ghoor

I am going to skip the intro on this one. If you're reading this, it basically means you're passionate about all things makeup & beauty - but unfortunately your budget doesn't align with your passion, LOL, I feel you * cries *


Here are a few of my favorite ways to still stay up to date with the latest trends in makeup, without breaking the bank.



1. Just because something is new, doesn't mean you HAVE to have it!

There is always going to be a new product on the market, you don't always need it. Before purchasing, ask yourself how you would use the product, if the price tag makes sense & lastly, if you can genuinely afford it. If its a product that you feel you can make a lot of use out of, and is worth your buck, go for it. If you're doubting it, that is already a sign that you don't need it. 

 2. Opt for multi purpose products

Swiitch Beauty multipurpose products

Just because your favorite beauty blogger / youtuber has every shade of lipstick under the sun, doesn't mean you have to.

Multi purpose products are a great for saving money & space on your makeup vanity.




The #HolyGrailFlashCase houses 12 cream pigments that let you create any lip shade in the universe. See your fav blogger rocking a lip color you love? Mix it yourself. There are endless opportunities in this palette.

You can even use the black / brown to fill in your brows or as eyeliner! I personally love rocking bold & colorful eyeliners using this palette.

Use the red / green / yellow / coral for color correcting dark circles, pigmentation or even redness. 

And may I just say, that gold makes a fine ass highlighter. You can also mix cream blush using this palette. What I love most is that you can always adjust. If the color is too light, you can make it darker, if its too dark, you can make it lighter. 




 3. Don't waste makeup

So you bought a product that doesn't work for you. Instead of tossing it, try to find a way to make it work.

Foundation  / Concealer too dark? Make it lighter using the white cream pigment from the #HolyGrailFlashCase. Too light? Make it darker using the brown cream pigment. Too yellow? Give it more of a pink undertone by adding some of the coral pigment. Too Pink? Make it more of a yellow undertone by adding some of the coral pigment.

Is your eyeliner dried up & unusable? Add some baby oil in,  give it a swirl with your brush and watch your baby come back to life.

Dried up mascara? 2 drops of castor oil ( it helps grow & protect your lashes) in the bottle, give it a shake & you are good to go. 

If you have bought a concealer color that just does not agree with you, whatsoever, try using it as an eye shadow base / primer. 

 P.S - I am thinking of doing an in depth post on the #HolyGrailFlash case, what it does & how to use it. Let me know if this is something you babes would like to see? 

4. Read reviews when purchasing drugstore / pharmacy makeup - ALWAYS

There is literally nothing worse than walking into Clicks / Dischem and buying something on the spot / in a rush, convincing yourself that its cheap so its okay, and then heading home only to find you could have used your R80 on biltong, or samosas, or anything else more worth your money. 

Always read reviews / watch Youtube tutorials of people doing demo's of the product before purchasing products from the drugstore. There are a lot of hits and a lot of misses.

You know what they say, take care of the pennies & the pounds will take care of themselves.

5. Before buying it, consider if you have something similar, or something that could do the same job. 

I am so seriously guilty of this. wow. I have about 3887 of the same nude lipstick. 8774 smokey eye shadow palettes and 2236 concealers. Do a check at home before impulse buying something. Or try DIY'ing it! 

Love & (high)light