#WizardWandSet - 5 eyeshadow brushes


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#WizardWandSet - 5 eyeshadow brushes
#WizardWandSet - 5 eyeshadow brushes

WINGardium levi-o-sa! the #WizardWandSet is a 5 piece harry potter themed eye brush set including the following:

- fluffy crease blending brush (used to blend eyeshadow into the crease of the eye) 

- angled blending brush (used to apply matte shades to the entire lid)

- angled eyeliner / brow brush (used to apply gel eyeliner or fill in your brows, also great for applying lipstick super neatly) 

- flat shader brush (used to apply foiled / shimmer shadows to the entire lid or to create a cut crease)

- bullet smudge brush (used to smudge product into the lower lash line, tear duct, and upper lash line)

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