#UnicornSaucePalette - bold+bright eyeshadow palette

Swiitch Beauty

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#UnicornSaucePalette - bold+bright eyeshadow palette


Satisfy your color addiction with the #UnicornSaucePalette, a limited-edition eye palette, featuring 35 shades of our iconic eyeshadow formula in bold brights to a matte white.

The #UnicornSaucePalette not only looks stunning, but also delivers tons of options. Create dimensional ombré looks by working with creamy mattes shadows or experiment with bold shimmer shades.

With 35 ultra pigmented shades and a wide range of finishes, you’ll never run out of eyeshadow options.

The #UnicornSaucePalette takes it to the next level with its shade range—from super-smooth mattes to shimmer-laced shades. The sleek black case is glamorous, cool, and compact at the same time.

SwiitchBeauty eyeshadows are known for their formula, every shade its velvety in texture, rich in color, has serious staying power, and blend ability. The #UnicornSaucePalette is no exception



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