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Gone are the days of wasted foundation! the SwiitchBeauty #JellyBeautyBlender is the answer you have been looking for. The food grade silicone pod encapsulated in thermoplastic polyturethane pats in Liquid / cream product like a dream. 


If you're tired of losing half your bottle of R500 foundation to your makeup sponge, you just might need this clear applicator. Sure, it resembles a silicone implant or chicken cutlet, but man, does it get the makeup job done. 


Raise your hands if you’ve ever felt annoyed at the fact that sponge applicators absorb way too much product each time you put them on. You end up pumping extra liquid foundation / dipping additional times into the powder foundation just because the sponge’s absorption is at play here. These little bits add up to a whole lot of extra foundation wasted – especially if you’re the kind that needs to have on a full-coverage face every day.
Now, because the #JellyBeautyBlender is made of ThermoPlastic Polyurthane, it is not going to absorb any foundation at all. So you can go ahead and fully cover your face with the amount needed – nothing wasted at all! In the long run, it’s going to save you that bit of moolah you’ve always spent on refilling your foundation – and you can thank us later.

YES to bacteria-free sponges! A huge problem with makeup sponges is that we can never really clean it entirely – once foundation is being absorbed, it’s really hard to get it out of the sponge no matter how many times you wash it.
Plus, since sponges will absorb liquids, you’re never sure if you got rid of all the sponge cleaners / soap that you used to clean the sponges. Not letting them air-dry fully as well because storing them back into your foundation cases also makes these sponges breeding grounds for bacteria.
And what does that mean? It means that you have to frequently change sponges, which are effectively additional expenses.
The #JellyBeautyBlende also has a life span of – wait for it – 5 years! You literally don’t have to change your foundation applicator for half a decade – how cost effective is that?!


As far as foundation goes, we all want that celebrity airbrushed, flawless look. Tons of beauty gurus swear by the legendary BeautyBlender – and guess what? The #JellyBeautyBlender is able to give you the same finish at a fraction of the price. 
The #JellyBeautyBlender is cool to the touch, very much like a damp BeautyBlender. Simply dot on your liquid foundation onto your face, or dip it into your BB cushion, and start dabbing the puff all over your face.
You’re going to end up with foundation that is evenly spread and a lightweight finish. Coverage is buildable, so should you feel like a radiant sheen is not enough for you – go ahead and repeat the steps with more foundation. Best part about the tool? You don’t have to wet it before using it, which is a major time saver. Damp sponges are also a breeding ground for bacteria. 

More than being cool to the touch, the #JellyBeautyBlender is also very malleable and soft. This means that when apply your foundation the puff is not going to tug on your skin – you don’t have to pull or drag your sponge across your face to blend the makeup out like traditional sponges do. Simply dab the puff all over your face and let it work its magic for you.