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The #MetalGlossRange consists of 10 face + eye brushes. 

The cruelty free + vegan brush set features white wooden handles, an ultra glossy rose gold ferrule, and supersoft brush bristles. 

1. Flat top kabuki: The ultimate liquid foundation brush

2. Angled flat top kabuki: Used for contouring 

3. Round top kabuki: Used for buffing in cream foundation.

4. Fluffy dome brush : Used for setting powder & baking

5. Flat brush: Used for concealer 

6. Small size domed fluffy brush: Used for under eye concealer, setting powder as well as applying product to the whole entire eye lid

7. Fan brush: used for highlighter

8. Angled brush: used for filling in your brows + eyeliner

9. Fluffy eye brush: used for blending eyeshadow on the lid. 

10. Flat eye brush: used for packing eyeshadow on to the lid. 



The 10 piece set encompasses all you would need to beat your full face. High quality & ridiculously gorgeous - you cannot go wrong with the #MetalGlossRange 


Top tips for using & maintaining the #MetalGlossRange: 

1. The brush is an extension of the hand - when buffing in foundation, blending eyeshadow or even applying highlighter, make sure to use a light hand to ensure the most natural possible finish. 

2. Use your brush to pick up small amounts of product at a time - when it comes to makeup, you can always add more but if you end up putting too much on, fixing it will be time consuming. 

3. The #MetalGlossRange brushes are built to last. Make sure to regularly clean them & they will serve you well! 

4. When cleaning your brushes, never use boiling hot water as this loosens the glue that holds the bristles together and can result in a shorter life-span for your babies.

5. Make sure to gently squeeze all excess water out of your brushes after cleaning them.

6. Clean your brushes using baby shampoo!

7. To disinfect your brushes from germs between uses, skip pricey makeup brush sprays & head over to your nearest dischem to purchase rubbing alcohol. Pour this into a spray bottle & you're good to go! 




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