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This facial roller is made of pure Jade, a cleansing stone used in Chinese medicine for centuries to aid the body's filtration organs and lymph system to expel toxins. The, medium sized roller is designed to use around the face and neck area to aid lymph drainage and blood flow, eliminating puffiness, toning facial muscles and plumping out wrinkles. You will also find that regular use minimises spots around the chin and jawline caused by toxin build-up. The smaller end of the roller is used around the eye area. 


#SwiitchBeauty TIPS! 

- Store your Jade roller in its original red box packaging and chuck it in the fridge! Roll the cold stone on your skin on a hot day to banish redness.

- Ensure your Jade roller is clean before every use by wiping it down with a wet wipe




Review via justacitygirl.co

So what exactly is a Jade roller anyway? Well, that was my first question too. In my case though, I could not find ANY articles or posts on this question. Jade rolling is actually a thing in Asia, only now SA has caught up. Swiitch beauty was actually the first to launch this little gem (literally) in SA. Pretty cool, right? Find it here on Swiitch Beauty for only R199 + FREE postage.
Jade is originally a gemstone with tons of healing properties. According to research it increases stimulation, gets rid of toxins and waste your body holds onto, stimulates collagen production, helps with sinus issues and puffiness, BOOM, something of the past. It also makes your pores appear smaller.

After cleansing and toning in the mornings and then using my Jade roller my skin feels refreshed and smooth. In my head, my pores get a really big fright as soon as this ice cold gem makes contact with them, they instantly shrink, and suck up more of the product that I have just applied. I have no idea if this is actually the case or if it even makes sense, but rolling with the Jade roller combined with product helps the product penetrate your skin better. After this my skin is super smooth, soft and moisturized.

Evenings I do my normal evening skincare routine and apply a little extra eye cream underneath my eyes than usual, I then Jade roll all over my face, including my under eye area, and magic, just like that my skin feels brand new and the skin or should I call them my Gucci bags under my eyes feels instantly tightened!

I Jade roll twice a day, mornings and evenings and it freshens your skin up instantly. After using this twice a day for 7 days, my skin was smoother and softer, there was a visible difference in the size of my pores and my make up applied smoother than ever. This really is something every skincare and make up lover should have by her side








Perhaps that extra margarita sounded too good to pass up or you couldn’t say no to just one more episode of Stranger Things, and now, in the light of day, your skin—puffy, inflamed, and tired—is bearing the consequences. Coming to the rescue is the jade roller, an age-old tool that has been an integral part of Chinese beauty regimes since at least the 7th century. For Dr. Lamees Hamdan, the discovery of the pale green wands while on a visit to China resulted in the addition of a powerful new weapon to her anti-aging arsenal. “There were jade face rollers in the museum dating back centuries, so that got me very interested because I always thought of jade as being decorative and protective but not as a beauty tool.” Soon afterward, she issued her own gold-accented version of the roller, which uses gentle pressure to assist in the sweeping away of toxins and the balancing of excess fluid in the tissue.

And Hamdan isn’t the only one who swears by the method, which is refreshing in the hot summer months. New York facialist Ling Chan, who grew up in Hong Kong, regularly uses the tool on her black book of model clients (think Behati Prinsloo, Dree Hemingway, and Miranda Kerr)—starting at the center of the neck, then moving outwards and upwards along the planes of the face before finishing at the hairline. “Just as exercise can tone your body, the jade roller can tone your face,” she explains of its ability to clear fluid, boost circulation, improve elasticity, and promote cell turnover for a brighter, healthier look. At her namesake spa in Union Square, she also glides the roller over skin after applying a mask to help the product to further penetrate—a process she says can be re-created at home, whether in front of the TV or while lying in bed.

“Just a few minutes of massage is very anti-aging. We overuse the muscles in our face—whether we bite our teeth or stare at the computer for too long. The roller can break through the blockage.” And unlike the high-tech but equally high-maintenance DIY light devices and at-home lasers of recent years, Chan says that making it part of a daily routine is a no brainer: Simply put, “you just roll it,” she says with a laugh. Consider us sold.




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"I purchased this Jade roller a few months back just to try it out- with no expectations. It has now found a permanent spot on my bedside table and is a staple in my bedtime routine. Now I ain't sayin it's gonna be a miracle worker for everyone BUT I have personally seen great results on my skin. It helped with my under-eye circles, minimize my pores (on my cheeks) and REALLY firmed up my face. If you would like to check it out it is available at @swiitchbeauty for a ridiculously affordably and you can check out the benefits and how-tos on @ra_bae 's blog. (rabaehasasay.com) You can also do your own research on the benefits of jade rollers so you know I ain't making this ish up." - Shahnaaz Naby ( @cupecakery_durban)