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Designed specifically for contouring, this sleek brush features a long flat handle and soft dense bristles. Its long thin shape is perfect for chiseling out the cheekbones, for a sexy sculpted look. The bristles are dense enough to apply even color, but soft enough to blend away harsh edges seamlessly. It really is the perfect balance of functionality and design

If you’ve struggled with contouring in the past, this brush will be a miracle worker for you. It takes all the guess work out of it, you simply apply your contour shade to the hallows of your face, then slightly sweep the brush up and down to blend. That’s it!


The brush can be used for cream or powder contouring. It can also be used for blush, bronzer, highlighter as well as setting powder - a true multitasker! 

Top tips for contouring: 

- Do not use a warm toned contouring product. Anything that looks on the red / orange side will make your contour look muddy. 

- For beginners, cream contouring is tonnes easier! Swipe your brush over the product & use a light hand to apply it just below your cheekbones. 

- Blend is your friend! Make sure to blend away to ensure that you aren't left with any harsh lines. 

- Don't know what product to use for contouring? A concealer / powder / foundation that is at least 3-4 shades darker than your skintone. 



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