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The #F80DuoFiber features blended fibers with an airy flat brush head. This brush is perfect to blend powder or liquid products onto the skin for an airbrushed finish. This brush is best suited for babes who prefer a light coverage and works best with BB / CC creams or lightweight foundations.





Real reviews, from real babes 


I’ve never been a fan of duo fiber brushes. I find it makes my foundation apply very streaky and there is usually a large amount of bristle shedding straight on to my face regardless of how many times I wash it. The #F80 Duo Fiber one surprised me though. It stopped shedding after the first wash. Then instead of using it upright and perpendicular to my face, I used the tip of the bristles to make my foundation look more natural and pressed using the side of the brush to blend the foundation into my skin. The closest dupe I found in my collection is the MAC 187SE that I got as part of a holiday collection set. The MAC brush has a shorter handle and the bristles are much looser so it doesn’t work as well as the denser #F80 Duo Fiber. I’ve been reaching for this brush when I’m going for a more sheer an

d natural look and it works beautifully. - G Boolay (belleblushh.com)