#DolceRose Collection // SET OF 5 ROSE GOLD BRUSHES

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 Aside from being ridiculously stunning, the #DolceRose collection consists of 5 super versatile face & eye brushes: 

01 - Rounded Stippling Brush - This brush is perfect for applying powder blush, bronzer as well as very lightweight foundation / BB Cream / Tinted Moisturizer. Using this brush with a light hand is ideal, it disperses the perfect amount of product without leaving a streaky effect. 

02 - Large Dome Brush - The ultimate setting powder brush. The ultra fluffy, super soft bristles evenly distribute setting powder all over your face. 

03 - Flat Foundation Brush - The classic foundation brush is paddle shaped and used alongside liquid / cream foundation for a flawless & streak free application. Use the tip of the brush to swipe on your foundation & then use the sides to dab/pat in the product. 

04 - Medium Dome Brush - This brush is perfectly sized to apply eyeshadow to the entire lid. We love this brush for applying setting powder underneath the eyes & it is the perfect size / density for applying highlighter to the cheekbones. 

05 - Small Dome Brush - Blending eyeshadow into your crease for a seamless transition between colours. Also love this brush for dusting highlighter under the brow bone. 



 One thing that really makes these brushes different from anything else in our range is the fact that they have finger grips ( recessions in the handle that fit your fingers perfectly ) 

These grips really give you that precision, total control & ease of use that you look for in a brush.