#BubbleBlush - matte cheek tint


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#BubbleBlush - matte cheek tint
#BubbleBlush - matte cheek tint
#BubbleBlush - matte cheek tint
when creating #BubbleBlush our goal was to have a single palette, with shades that would be versatile & flattering across a range of skin tones.
instead of being thick, greasy & oily like most cream blush formulas, #BubbleBlush is lightweight, smooth & goes on like a translucent wash of colour.
the pigment is suspended in an ingredient called dimethicone, which is a pore blurring & mattifying substance used in primers.
this is going to ensure your blush goes on seamlessly, smooths out your skin & leaves you with a radiant finish that lasts.

using your fingers warms up the product & gives you a dewy finish while using a brush means that the bristles buff out the product & you get a matte finish.
a no fuss blush that adds warmth & dimension to your face. no clown zone.
#BubbleBlush performs fantastically on a range of skin tones, and can be used on the cheeks, eyes & lips.
when you order #BubbleBlush, it will arrive with a little note detailing how best to use it!


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