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The #BrowBae is about to be your eyebrow's new BAE! ( Lame joke, we know) 

The 3 piece set consists of every tool you would need for filling in & styling your arches. 

1. Angled brush for filling in

2. Spoolie brush for combing your brows. 

3. Flat concealer brush to conceal over & under your brows for a clean & sculpted look! 



Top tips for using the #BrowBae kit:

1. Using a concealer above & below you eyebrow is life changing. Opt for one that is at least 2-3 shades lighter than your complexion. It just gives you this instantly lifted look & makes your brows look so much more clean & neat! 

2.  SwiitchBeauty does offer a powder brow kit.  Click here to check out he #BrowGameInABox

3. Brows should NEVER look drawn on! But when filling them in, its easy to over do it - the Spoolie brush combs out product in your brows & helps to evenly distribute it leaving you with a natural look. 

4. To get full use out of your #BrowBae kit, follow these steps.

Start by combing out your brows using the spoolie brush. This will give you a clear idea of their shape & how you can enhance it by filling in the sparse areas. 

Dip your angled brush ever so lightly into your brow powder / pomade / gel & use a light hand to etch in your brows. Use small, light strokes instead of drawing harsh lines & follow the natural shape of your brow. Fill in sparse areas & give your arches some definition. 

Dip your flat brush into a cream / liquid concealer & draw a line under & over your eyebrows, like the image below 


Blend out the concealer lines & you will be left with clean, sculpted brows!