The SwiitchBeauty Story

SwiitchBeauty started when if you wanted to purchase a lipstick, you had to walk into a department store, up to a beauty counter & dish out R300 for a single shade. 

SwiitchBeauty started when purchasing makeup brushes meant either paying R300 per brush or ordering them online from international companies who took forever to ship them, charged hefty delivery fees & you still had to pay for customs tax.

SwiitchBeauty started when purchasing cosmetics that are cruelty free was a nightmare.  MAC, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Estée Lauder. Almost every high quality beauty brand available in South Africa at that time, was tested on animals.

SwiitchBeauty started when shopping affordable beauty meant low quality. 

SwiitchBeauty started from a small corner in my bedroom, two years ago.

I was 15. I wasn't making money - but I had a passion. A passion for expression through an art medium called make-up. I spent thousands of hours practically stalking international beauty brands, their new product releases, their ranges, their approach to beauty. And I thought to myself - why don't we have anything like that here?


Someone needs to be keeping South Africa up to speed with international beauty trends. And that someone needed to be me. I am committed to providing our local ladies with products that are high end, low cost & cruelty free. Affordability without quality compromise.