Winter skin makeup prep!

No one really likes winter - everything is just dry and colourless, including our skin. In winter we have to take extra care of our skin as the dry season takes it toll on our skin. Applying makeup won't make any difference if our skin isn't hydrated, smooth and healthy underneath it. Here are a few pointers to still look on point during the colder months!


A light daily exfoliator such as the Dermafix Dermapolish is perfect to exfoliate daily with. It is a very gentle exfoliater - if you don't exfoliate at least every 2nd morning with a GENTLE exfoliator that is suitable for daily use - your makeup will cling onto any dry, flaky patches you have on your skin.

I use my Dermapolish atleast 3 days of the week. This polishes your skin and leaves it feeling super fresh without a dry feeling.

Use the right moisturizer:

Use a moisturizer that will really plump up super dry skin - something that contains hyaluronic acid which is a moisture binder will do wonders for winter dry skin. This ingredient works deep in the dermis layer to “temporarily” moisturize the skin.

My current favourite daily moisturizer is the Bio-Hydrating cream also from Dermafix - it leaves the skin feeling SO hydrated without having that greasy feeling of cream on your face. Perfect for a day moisturizer.

Prep your face:

ALWAYS use a HYDRATING face primer in the winter months. This is a must for most skin types, but especially for dry skin. The dry skin has been compromised by the harshness of the weather, so it may have dryness that the makeup will emphasize. The face primer retexturizes skin and plumps for a smooth, even application.

Currently I am loving the HEAN from Glamore SA, STOP DRYING face primer.

And an old favourite - the hydrating primers from GOSH Cosmetics

And if you are into something more oil based than cream based, I highly recommend the #GloUpDrops from Swiitch Beauty.

Use a fresh foundation:

Use a dewy finish foundation. Go for something with a creamy base - any foundation that dries off to be matte will in some way dry out your skin.

I love this foundation from GOSH Cosmetics - it is enriched with seaweed and therefore has great hydrating properties.

It’s all in the technique:

Make sure to hydrate while skin is still slightly damp, to get the most out of our moisturizer - as the skin tends to absorb product better when it hasn't been dried of completely. Compare it to a sponge - a dry sponge takes quite a bit of time to absorb water, apposed to a wet sponge which doesn't. In winter I also tend to reach for my facial oils more than I do in the warmer months.

Currently I am LOVING my ALL NATURAL Hey Gorgeous Argan and Avo facial serum

And the Kiehl's Day & Night oils are divine too


Do not leave the house without this:

Do not leave the house without a nouishing facial spray to keep your face hydrated throughout the day. Something like an Aloe and Rosewater spray can be used as a makeup setting spray and as a refreshing mist.

My Me&Youth facial mist does not leave my side!

Consider masking at least twice a week :

Using a nourishing mask every week at least twice makes a huge difference in your skin. Currently I am obsessing over the Dermafix Vitamin Therapy masque.

Makeup remover:

Consider what you use to take your makeup off with. I love makeup removing cleansing oils and The Bodyshop's one is at the top of my list. I adore the Hey gorgeous Gentle eye makeup remover to take off my last bit of makeup off after using The bodyshop's eye makeup remover. The reason why I finish off with the Hey gorgeous eye makeup remover is because it contains Aloe gel - in my previous post I tell you about all the benefits Aloe has for your eye lashes and brows, so finishing off with the bad boy cleanse off the last bit of excess left on your eyes AND gives you a ton of benefits from the Aloe vera gel in their eye makeup remover, I highly recommend checking Hey gorgeous out - one of my FAVOURITE skincare brands out there!

Products I mentioned in this post and where to find them :

Hey Gorgeous

Kiehl's - At Kiehl's stores and selected Redsquare stores

GOSH Cosmetics - Available at Selected Edgars stores

Me & Youth


The Bodyshop - Available in Clicks stores and at The Bodyshop

HEAN from Glamore SA


Till I chat with you again, beauties,




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