The Ultimate girls night in!!

Feel like spending time with the girls, chilling, pampering, gossiping, watching romantic movies, eating pizza and painting nails, here is a list of everything that needs to be done for the BEST girls night in ever!!

Firstly, Get together with the girls over coffee or lunch and plan a date, time and place. Decide who will bring what snacks and drinks too.


Let each lady choose her fav movie to bring along! 


Popcorn, potato chips, chocolate covered strawberries, ice cream and more. I love setting out all of our favorite snacks to enjoy. Also maybe order some pizza too! That is always a winner!


Remember, a girls night ain't a girls night with no wine! Let each lady bring their own bottle of wine!

No Phone Policy

When your friends arrive, have everyone toss their phone in a basket. Having a night with no distractions can really help everyone truly be in the present. Your focus won’t be on the stresses of your daily life or social media. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest!

High & Low

This is a little game I read somewhere in a blog post, go around and give each lady a turn to give a highlight of her and also a low point.  It really helps each of us catch up and reconnect and share advice perhaps.

Make a playlist

In my opinion, a get together isn't complete without a little background music! Make a playlist with some good, enjoyable music on to play in the background!

DIY Scrubbing

Before getting onto masking, DIY your own body scrubs and masks!! I've done 2 posts on amazing DIY scrubs and masks! Give it a go. Buy mason jars for all the ladies coming and make it a little DIY activity!

Here are the links :

DIY Coffee scrubs and masks

DIY Hair masks

Face masks, hair masks, eye masks, lip masks

No girls night is complete without having put on some form of a mask! Bring hair masks for giving your hair and your face a little TLC. Cut cucumber slices for on your eyes!

Hot chocolate

Before you all go to lala land, have a cup of hot chocolate in your pj's with warm fuzzy socks!!

And, just have fun!! Unwind, blow off steam, relax! We all need to do this once in a while!

Any other awesome girls night in tips you would like to share? Comment below!

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