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What most people don’t know about me is that I am a BA graduate in Fashion Design and therefore first and foremost a Designer. It is therefore not only my goal to be on top of my game as a Professional Makeup artist in the beauty industry, but also in the fashion industry.

1. Tell us how a day in the life of Stacy-Robin plays out?

Every day is creatively different! As the Creative Director for Liezel van der Westhuizen, who also happens to be my bestie apart from being my boss, I get to attend many events and rub shoulders with celebs and also network with incredible people and talented artists within the industry. A normal day would pretty much involve admin, interacting with various stakeholders within the industry (Media, Event Directors, Brand Companies, Designers, Professional Photographers etc.), sourcing of outfits and accessories for shoots and events of which I personally style, direct and manage the creative aspects of it. In between it all I get to work as Liezel’s personal makeup artist.

I also work as a freelance Celebrity Makeup artist during the week and weekends. My clients include celebrities such as Tracy-Lee Rosslind and Nomuzi Mabena (Moozlie) to name a few... and of course my Boss-lady Liezel van der Westhuizen. I have recently worked alongside musician Jimmy Nevis on his look-book for his newly released clothing label and the up-and-coming artist Filipa Alexandra Do Carmo on her album cover. I have also worked on the faces of high profile clients such Zindzi Mandela and the face of an ex Miss SA, Amy Kleynhans. Furthermore I have collaborated with well known Cape Town based bloggers such as Saarah Jasmin Nwajei (modest fashion blogger) and Abongwe Qokela. Other freelance work includes working with professional photographers such as Sarah Keogh, Jaden Moosa, Zeus Feni, Rowen Patrick, Clinton Lubbe, Rizqua Barnes, Ashley Marié and Nic Santrucek.


2. You are a makeup artist, a blogger, a creative director - How do you juggle it all?

These are all different creative channels that simply overlap and link into each other. It is all ways and means of being creative within my industry which makes it easy to juggle since it has a common end product.

3. What is your favourite part of your daily to do's?

Being able to be creative in all aspects of my job and to explore all sides of the creative field for example makeup, hair, styling, photography etc.

4. Where and from who do you find makeup inspiration and why?

I draw my inspiration from Makeup artists all over the world. I am constantly admiring the online work of many makeup artists worldwide, whether they are well-known or still working towards that. There are always new tips and tricks to learn and be inspired by.

5. Who are your top 3 Youtubers?

§  Tina Halada
§  Carli Bybel
§  Nikkie Tutorials

All of which inspire me to continue to challenge myself and my capabilities as a makeup artist. 

6. What are your favourite products in your makeup bag right now?

It would have to be my #slaysfordays eyeshadow palette, my Inglot pressed powder and my Duo eyelash glue.

7. If you could only wear 1 makeup product leaving the house, which product would it be and why?

I am all about a strong brow game, so I would definitely fill in my brows. I use my Inglot eyeshadow in black 'colour 391' to fill in my brows because of its consistency and how highly pigmented it is.


8. What are your favourite skincare products and why can't you live without them?

My personal favourite skincare products would definitely be my Clinique ‘dramatically different moisturizing lotion +’ and ‘7 day scrub cream’. They are both so important in terms of the prepping of my skin before applying makeup, creating a smooth and silky surface.

9. As a makeup artist the pressure is on you to also always have a pretty face and good, healthy skin - What are your top tips to keep your skin looking great with or without makeup?

I try to avoid wearing makeup as often as possible because I believe it is important to let one’s skin breathe. During the week I give my eyebrows a light brush-through and of course I make sure I’m moisturized! This way, when I do wear makeup, I can go wild and not worry about packing on layers of product. It is also very important that I remove my makeup at the end of the day to ensure that my skin can breathe overnight as well.

10. What are your top 3 favourite makeup brushes and why are they so amazing?

§  #G31contourbrush (of course!)
§  CALA blending 311 brush
§  UBU eye defining brush (I use this baby on my brows)

Each brush is perfectly crafted to achieve my desired look! Contouring has never been so easy; with the G31 contour brush I am able to create a more precise contour, perfect for adding definition and sculpting the face! I love using the CALA blending 311 brush because it is so soft and fluffy; it therefore has a gentle touch which is so important for blending and working with powders. The UBU eye defining brush is absolutely perfect for shaping/filling in my brows as I use powder to fill in my brows as opposed to a gel or a pencil. It’s a bit thicker than most angled brushes but that’s why I love it! My brows are so important to me and this brush ensures that they look perfecto!

11. Share your tips on achieving a flawless makeup look:

It is definitely prepping the face properly by exfoliating and moisturizing. I also achieve my flawless looks with reverse application. This is when you start with your eye makeup and brows before seeing to your overall skin coverage (e.g. foundation, concealing, contouring etc.). 

12. Do you have a favourite setting spray?What is it and why is it your fave?

Yes! I use the Inglot setting spray.  It keeps my makeup looking intact throughout the day.

13. What is in your on the go makeup bag?

My Clinique pressed powder and a nude lipstick for touch-ups.

Follow the gorgeous Stacy on instagram :

Her makeup account : @stacyrobinmakeup

Other account : @stacy_robin The ARTIculate blog account

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  • Love this post. She’s incredibly talented and beautiful.


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