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Today's scoop is the gorgeous Jayde' Mouton. She is a 21 year old student and a self-taught makeup artist from Cape Town. Her makeup looks and style is something to drool over so today I'm dishing the scoop on all her secrets, fav products, style inspo and more!



1. How did you fall in love with makeup and why? 

 I’ve always been very artistic growing up. I used to spend my days drawing and painting and automatically thought that everyone liked it as much as I did. I took up art as a subject in school, but it eventually transitioned into makeup. Makeup became my form of art and instead of drawing on paper I now draw on my face!


 2. What is your everyday makeup routine like? Products you use and in what order?

- Primer : Maybelline Baby Skin Primer + a spritz of Rose Water

- Eyebrows : Brow Game In A Box (Darkest shade) with the Brow Bomb and fill in ends with the black & brown shade in the Holy Grail Flash Case

- Concealer : L.A Girl Cosmetics HD Concealer in Natural on blemishes and under eyes

- Foundation- I’ve been loving the L.A Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in ‘Warm Beige’

- Eyes : I cannot stress enough how important the SlaysforDays Palette is in my makeup routine. I ONLY use another palette if I’m using a colour that’s not in there and I recommend this to EVERY single makeup consumer. I’ve been loving the deep burgundy shades lately. The Blend 8 Brush Set is a MUST in effortless and perfect blending.

- Mascara : Essence Waterproof Mascara. This mascara stays in place all day, but it’s very hard to take off at night.

- Bronzer : Essence Bronzer in Sunny with the G31 Contour Brush

- Highlight :  MY FAVORITE PART- Without a doubt I reach for my GlowGasm Palette each and every day. I love the peachy gold shade mixed with the rose gold shade. I dig into this palette every day and each pan is still full.

- Lipstick : I opt for a nude lip on most days, if not I reach for my Ofra Liquid Lip in Hypno or custom create my own shade with the Holy Grail Flash Case.


3. Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I really love Karen (iluvsarahii on Instagram), Hrush Achemyan (Styledbyhrush on Instagram) and my favorite Katy DeGroot (Lustrelux on Instagram). I love to see what they come up with and work around that by adding my own personal touch. My style has changed recently and I gravitate towards a elegant, but sexy look with high waist skirts and a racy top. I also spend a lot of time going through style and beauty pages on Instagram and get inspiration from there as well.


4. Who are your top 3 favourite makeup youtubers?



Desi Perkins


5. Which blogs do you at least check out once a week?

I really love LifeWithME by Marianna Hewitt and the BabeBlog has been very informative as of lately with their beauty tips & tricks as well! So definitely those two.


6. What are your top tips for starting a makeup youtube channel?

My most important tip would be to start where you are, with what you have and do what you can. It might sound cliché, but it really helps you to get going when you have all these excuses as to why you can’t start.


7. The top 5 makeup products you HIGHLY recommend?

  1. First on my list HAS to be the SlaysForDays Palette. I can’t give this palette enough praise, from the colour range to pigmentation and how it blends. It’s just every makeup lover’s dream come true.
  2. I LOVE highlighters and the more I can glow, the better. Second fav is hands-down the GlowGasmPalette. I find new ways to use it every day!
  3. Recently I picked up the Essence Super Precise Eyeliner and that has really helped me to achieve a sharp wing liner. It makes it so much easier for a beginner as well.
  4. A Girl HD Pro Concealer. This is has been my go to for the past 2 years and I keep going back to it.
  5. Holy Grail Flash Case. I don’t have enough words to describe how this changes your entire makeup kit. I use it to correct the pink undertones in foundations to make it more yellow, I use it for my brows, I use it to highlight, I use it to lighten or darken a foundation, to highlight my under eye area, custom create lip colours and so much more! This has saved my life many times and is a DEFINITE in any makeup artist’s kit.


8. If you could only leave the house with one makeup product every day, what would it be?

This is a difficult one, but I think I would have to say I can’t leave the house without my brows done. I have a scar in one of my eyebrows and I hate my naked brow. If not that, then a good BB Cream to make my skin look radiant.


9. Your favourite red lipstick?

I love the Ofra Liquid Lipstick Formula and I’ve been obsessed with the colour Hypno lately.


10. What skincare products do you use daily?

I swear by the Herbalife SKIN range and use their Aloe Cleanser.

I also use Rose Water daily as a toner and have been doing so for a year now.

Recently I’ve started using coconut oil & aloe vera as a face moisturiser and the results have been amazing! It really helps to make tired and dull under eyes look less dark, more youthful and more radiant.


11. And your holygrail skincare products from all of those mentioned above?

I cannot go without the Herbalife SKIN Aloe Cleanser. Any other cleanser either leaves my skin dry or gives me breakouts. If you use a good cleanser then your foundation will look so much better because you have taken care of your skin first. Flawless makeup application starts with your base.


12. What makeup artists do you admire and love most and why?

My all-time favorite makeup artist is Karen (iluvsarahii), because she has a very glamorous approach to makeup while always having it look dewy and fresh. She experiments with many different colours and styles which always turn out absolutely beautiful. I always try to achieve a similar concept with the looks I do. I also love Desi Perkins as well as Lustrelux. They do very daring makeup looks and always go out of their comfort zones to create different looks that appeal to all makeup users.


Babes, go follow this lady on Instagram and Facebook for daily makeup looks and inspiration, what is great too, she loves using Swiitch beauty products, so you can catch some tips and inspo on what she uses our products for and looks she creates!

@theglamdolldiary -

Facebook - Jayde` Mouton





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