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Us ladies trying to make a name for ourselves and our businesses and passion without always realizing, draw so much inspiration from each other. We look up to each other without always realizing it. Here is some Monday motivation, Misha Daniel.

Give us a little background about yourself and what you do?

Ola! I am Misha Daniel aka Mrs Big Bite I am 31years old, I am a COO of Big Bite Consulting & CEO of Mrs Big Bite, I also am a professional makeup artist, shoe lover & fashion addict. I am married and I have with two beautiful baby girls aged 5 & 2. My 5year old is a cancer survivor and that’s a whole story for another day 😊 She is part of my reason for being this strong & tenacious person that I am.  I'm sure by now you can guess where the name “Mrs Big Bite” comes from. It comes from our GOLDEN goose, Big Bite Consulting – Big Bite is digital media which helped majorly by steering me to start my fashion blog& shop.


You are such a stylish lady, where do you draw style inspiration from?

Magazines, Pinterest & most all Instagram


What item of clothing or accessories should every lady have in her wardrobe in your opinion?

Crisp White Shirt


If you could only wear one shade of lipstick for the rest of your life, which colour would it be and why?

Cyber by MAC


What is your daily makeup routine like?

OMG, it’s like Six steps, since I'm always in a rush & time is always of an essence having to juggle one of my many hats

-Foundation by LA Girl

- MAC Press Powder

-Natural Blush in Spice

- Eye Pencil in teal

- Mascara Revlon

& always end with a winged eye.


You have your own business right? What advice would you give any young entrepreneurs out there to get to where they want to be and make it happen?

If you want it to be success you must be willing to work harder than you already are, you have to make sacrifices and be willing to start thinking like a visionary, dealing with the unknown, rule making & most important becoming a decision maker.


What do you think are the biggest challenges young business women or men for that matter face?

There are a list of things I could say but these three stand out for me the most :

- Limited access to funds

- Creating a reputation

- Overcoming male dominated field.



What is a day in your life like?

It normally starts out @7am with me getting my 5year old ready for school which is an entire task on its own. Then my multitasking starts @8am so I start prioritizing my emails and juggling client appointments. Choosing my outfit for the day , doing my makeup then, I start to communicate with my team for the day. Everything is my life is digital, whatsapp, digital calendar, Skype calls etc etc.  As I finally start settle into my day there are accounts to be managed, deadlines to achieve & clients to be contacted, by this time @10 AM eating brunch heading into a Directors meeting & making sure the operation is running as smooth as a good applied foundation. By the time the after settles in I have forgotten to eat lunch and I am in meeting number 4 dealing with payments. Then to end my day I making sure dinner will be prepared, fetching my daughter from school and taking my last business call for the day. By the night I am making sure my husband and kids are settled in bed, as I wait for them to be asleep, I then allow the innovation & creativity to flow for my blog. At 2am I get some sleep 😊


Tell us more about what exactly Mrs. Big Bite Fashion is all about and how did you know this is what you want to do?

No, not at all.  I did not know this is what I wanted to do it took a couple of years searching and trying different things. I am  a mission is to share my experiences and motivate other women to unlock the greatness inside of them.

My vision is to inspire ladies who are clueless in the eyes of LFB (Lifestyle, Fashion & Business).

I hope that through this blog, you will be moved, inspired & stimulated.


How do you stay driven?

In all honestly my HUSBAND is my biggest success driver, he challenges me, he pushes me and his my biggest fan. Its corny I Know but it’s really the truth. I have to tell myself each day it’s not for me we are build our EMPIRE for our girls.



Any beauty tips or secrets you have that you can share with us?

Yes, Invest in wigs so you can change your look whenever you want & they are great “bad hair day” savers 😊


How do you take care of your skin?

I drink loads of water,

I always use make remover

I use minerline skin range the aloe face wash, the toners & the minerline face cream.

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Till Wednesday babes,

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  • Cool blog. Truly inspirational, God bless.


  • Cool blog. Truly inspiration. God bless.


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