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Today's scoop is the gorgeous Melanie, from Melanie's Nook beauty blog. Here is more about her, her blog and what she loves!

  1. How long have you been blogging and what made you decide to be a beauty blogger?

 I have published my first post on 22-06-2014 but I have only blogged actively and seriously since last year April.  I have always appreciated pretty makeup and how it makes me feel like a princess, but to be totally honest, its my escape from a stressful full time job.

  1. Tell us a little more about yourself?

I am a makeup junkie who loves to try and test out makeup and skincare products, there is always a snack (preferably a chocolate) hidden in my drawer and I blog from my bed while binge watching an awesome series. Now being from Cape Town there is always something going on somewhere so Hubby and myself enjoy visiting the local markets or go for breakfast at a coffee shop.

  1. Do you have any fav bloggers? Who are they and why do you enjoy their blogs?

I religiously read what ever the ladies from All Dolled up write, they are awesome! Mariska from the Secret Board has got awesome pictures on her blog and her reviews are well written and to the point. Then to round up the local girls, you can not leave out Pink Peonies. Then I have to confess a little bit, not only am I a makeup junkie, I am also hooked on Youtube. Jessi from Messijessi, Tati, Jessica Braun and NikkiTutorials is my favorite.

  1. What is your daily skincare routine like?

I can not go without Elizabeth Arden's Superstart and I am still in pursuit of that perfect face wash for a combination to oily skin (any suggestions would be much appreciated) other than that I have a quick morning routine - cause I sleep until the latest possible moment but my evening routine is where I get to test new products. My favorite  is chemical exfoliators, I do not like physical exfoliators at all (and I think I have mentioned it a couple of times on my blog). A close second is a good and rich moisturizer.

  1. Your absolute favourite face masks?

My ultimate favorite face mask is the AHA Exfoliating mask from Placecol or the Take The Day Off from Clinique (cleansing balm) Currently I am also testing out the Vitamin C Glow-Revealing liquid peel. 

  1. What do you think every Babe should have in her makeup bag?

Mascara and some sort of lip balm, and a signature fragrance. I enjoy the Grand Entrance mascara from Elizabeth Arden and I have a travel size of their 8 Hour Cream that I always keep in my handbag to use as lip balm or even cuticle cream. Their Red Door Aura has a permanent place in my bag. Love that scent  

  1. If you could only buy 1 new makeup products at the end of this month, which would you buy and why?

If I can only buy one makeup product this month it would be  a Tom Ford eyeshadow quad or lipstick.  Its been on my wishlist forever but I can just not justify the price YET. Its so luxurious and all of the gurus rave about the quality.

  1. What does your daily makeup routine consist of?

Each week I pack a makeup bag with different products that I use for work everyday, this helps me to circulate all the products I have and with the exception of testing products for reviews it is usually quite basic, BB Cream, blusher, bronzer, cream shadow base with either and easy duo or sometimes even just one color on the lid. Then all that is left is a good mascara and something easy going for the lips.

  1. What is your favourite setting powders?

Currently I am using the Bourjois  healthy balance powder and I have a L.A Girl HD loose setting powder I use in case of an emergency. The healthy balance is nice and lightweight for everyday and the L.A Girl powder is my "heavy duty, no shine, no glow, matte all the way" powder.

  1. What blog posts can we expect from Melanie's Nook in June?

I am working on some exciting posts for the month of June that will include a Boxycharm unboxing, I am also putting two product against each other to see which is better and a couple of reviews. The usual posts will also be there, Monthly faves , an awesome haul and my Beauty edit. Jess and I will also be doing a post again so please come and visit and say hi in the comments.

  1. What is your goal with your blog?

My goal is to deliver good content and to be honest with my readers. I want my blog to be informational and entertaining at the same time. I am not a makeup artist and most of my readers are everyday women with everyday needs thus I want to have a connection with them and provide informative and witty reviews from and everyday down to earth girl who loves makeup.

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