The Daily Scoop : Mariska from The Secret Board Beauty Blog

Today's scoop is Mariska from The secret board beauty blog! She shares her favourite bloggers, her top skincare products and some of her makeup loves!
  1. How long have you been a beauty blogger and what inspired to become one?

I started my blog two years ago mainly as a creative outlet for myself. I am so passionate about makeup and skincare and wanted a platform to share my knowledge and experiences. It also allows me to interact with readers and fellow bloggers that share the same interests as me. I made wonderful friends through blogging that I probably never would have had if it wasn’t for my blog.

  1. Who are some of your favourite beauty bloggers?

To be honest, I relate a lot more to our local South African bloggers than the international big shots. In terms of international blogs I hardly read any religiously, but follow a few YouTube guru’s. My favorites are Glam Life Guru, The Anna Edit, Nikkie Tutorials, Harry Makes It Up, My Pale Skin and Jaime Paige.

Locally I religiously read For The Beauty Of It, All Dolled Up, Pink Peonies, Lipgloss Kisses, In My Bag, Lipgloss Is My Life, Make It Rayne, Cara Fay, Luna Lacey, Mascara and Mimosas, Melanie’s Nook, 9Lives and Hayls World. As you can see I am way more into local than international blogs.

  1. If you could recommend 2 skincare products to us lady that you absolutely love and swear by what would they be and why?

As I have said so many times before on my blog I really believe in exfoliating your skin at least twice a week and a good eyecream goes a long way. My favorite exfoliator is DermaFix DermaPolish Enzymatic Exfoliator and my go-to eyecream is Neostrata’s Intense Eye Therapy.

  1. Tell us a bit about your skincare routine and why you use the products you use?

The exciting part about being a beauty blogger is that you get to test new and exciting goodies all the time. The downside is that especially with skincare it is easy for the skin to become congested and unhappy from product overload. That happened to me and I developed a proper case of what Candice Lee from In My Bag called ‘beauty blogger skin’. In fact, I developed full blown adult acne due to product overuse. My dermatologist recommended that I ditch all the products I was using at the time and start fresh, which I did. He recommended the Neostrata skincare range and I have not looked back since. In fact, I am almost reluctant to stray too far from my current skincare routine.

AM Routine:

Wash: Neostrata Clarifying Facial Cleanser

Serum: Either Neostrata’s Firming Collagen Booster or the Cellular Restoration serum

Eyecream: Neostrata Intense Eye Therapy

Moisturizer: Bio Hydrating Cream

PM Routine:

Makeup Remover: Garnier Micellar Water for sensitive skin

Wash: Neostrata Exfoliating Wash or Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

Serum: Neostrata Illuminating serum targeted at pigmentation or Anti-Oxidant serum

Eyecream: Neostrata Intense Eye Therapy

Moisturizer: Neostrata Bio Hydrating Cream.

For sunscreen I use Nimue Sun-C SPF40 at the moment and as mentioned above I use the DermaFix DermaPolish Enzymatic Exfoliator twice a week.

  1. What do you think an everyday makeup routine should consist of?

It’s hard to say what an everyday makeup routine should consist of. Sometimes I only do my brows and put mascara on and other days I go full on glam. I suppose it depends on what you do during the day and how much time you have in the morning. I would say on average I prefer my makeup to be quick, easy and more natural for everyday wear. I am honestly not going to battle a winged-liner 06:30 in the morning! For my personal routine on an average day I apply concealer, foundation, a bit of blush or bronzer, brows, simple eye makeup, mascara and a neutral shade lipstick.

  1. If you were heading to the shops right now and you had some extra money to spend, which 5 products would you buy and why?

I am curious about the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and their new Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate. I guess because I am so reluctant to stray from my skincare routine that I am weary of diving into other brand’s new products, but those two have me curious!

Other than that I would love to buy Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, a reader recommended it to me and I am in love! Lastly I am also keen to try the Hourglass Vanish Stick foundations and I’ve been meaning to try Maybelline’s push-up mascara range.

  1. What are your favorite lipsticks or lip products and shortly why you love them so much?

To be honest, the lipsticks that I love and use the most are from Essence and Catrice. I have so, so many lipsticks from high-end to drugstore and I still go back time and again to my three favorites which are: Essence Matt Matt Matt 02, Essence no.07 Natural Beauty and Catrice Ultimate Stay in the shade’All that she wants’. They are affordable, long-lasting and comfortable to wear.

  1. What should every girl apply every day?

First of all: sunscreen!  Secondly: don’t forget to take care for your neck and décolletage the same way you would care for your face. And lastly a little highlighter makes any girl feel just that little bit more special. My favorite is The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer.

  1. What is in your makeup bag at the moment?

As I mostly work from home at the moment I really do not carry an extensive makeup bag around. Currently all I have in my makeup bag (the one in my handbag. My collection at home is scary, bordering on a problem!) is my beloved Essence Matt, Matt, Matt 02 lipstick, a Sephora housebrand concealer, Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation, a compact powder, Essence Satin Touch blush, a few MAC eyeshadow singles  and my Clinique High Impact mascara.

  1. If you could create a full face make up look with just drugstore products which products would you use, starting from primers and up?

Primer: MaxFactor Face Finity All Day primer.

Foundation: L’Oreal Infallible range. I am very into the Total Cover and Pro Glow at the moment. Unfortunately I don’t think it is available in SA just yet, but I am sure it will make its way there soon. I also really like Bourjois 123 Perfect CC-cream and MaxFactor’s foundations.

Concealer: Catrice Camouflage Liquid concealer.

Powder: Bourjois Silk Edition powder.

Bronzer: Catrice Sun Glow Matte bronzer.

Blush: Essence Satin Touch blush.

Highlighter: I am really into the Essence Luminizer palette.

Brows: Maybelline Brow Satin pencil and Essence Make Me Brow gel.

Eyes: I love my Essence All About Bronze eyeshadow palette.

Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Lips: Essence Long-Wear or Matt, Matt, Matt range and Catrice Ultimate Stay range.

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