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Today's scoop is the beautiful beauty editor of the Fairlady magazine, Kelli Clifton. Every month she writes about all the latest trends in the beauty world. This month she speaks about game-changing makeup, she talks about must have fragrances and in the beauty news section, tells us all about April favourites on The lust list, those lists that convince us all we need things we don't actually need.



What do you love most of being the beauty editor for Fairlady magazine?

I can’t name just one thing, so here’s four!

1) Having direct access to the top skincare, makeup and hair experts for various brands in SA and worldwide.

2) Being one of the lucky few to try out exclusive beauty products before it launches to the public. 

3) Conceptualizing beauty shoots.

4) Giving advice and recommendations to FAIRLADY readers and women on a daily basis.



What is a day like in the life of Kelli Clifton?

No day is the same. My work life includes: writing articles, sending out beauty briefs, styling shoots, liaising with clients, keeping tabs on our social media platforms, attending many events, be it in Cape Town, JHB or Durban, representing FAIRLADY wherever I go, doing beauty talks, working closely with our sales team, conceptualizing all things beauty-related in the mag from editorial to campaigns – sounds busy, right? But I love it.  

And, always time for a good old selfie, can't let a good hair day slip by!


Where do you find inspiration for your next articles for the Fairlady magazine?

A host of things - usually there’s a common thread with the beauty launches I regularly attend. I notice a trend, be it in skincare, makeup, haircare etc. and customize it to suit the FAIRLADY reader. I also check out international magazines, beauty websites and social media platforms of other Beauty Eds to keep up to speed and see what they’re up to. FAIRLADY also has a theme each month which I use as a guide for future features.


Where do you draw style inspiration from?

Can one draw style inspo from a season? If so, winter excites me a lot fashion-wise. I loathe summer clothing. Give me boots, coats, scarves, hats and jerseys any day. I also prefer dark colours to brights. You’ll find that the majority of my closet consists of navy blue, grey, black, deep purple, maroon, army and white. My closet goes through a metamorphosis when I change hair colours (which is often).  


What is your go to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?

I love a (well-fitted) white shirt, smart black pants, black blazer and black patent leather heel. It’s a no-brainer. I also have a few wrap dresses that are so incredibly flattering. They’re my summer staples. Minimum jewelry is also a must – you’ll only catch me wearing my engagement ring, signet ring with my family crest and diamond pendant necklace. I don’t like anything too chunky and overbearing.


The one clothing item you can not live without?

My white Converse sneakers. They’re so comfy.  


Which beauty products do you consider a must have in every ladies beauty cupboard?

Yikes – too many to list here, but these are my recommendations: A great moisturiser, cleanser, micellar water/makeup remover, exfoliator, mask, eye cream, serum/facial oil, sunscreen for face & body, body lotion/oil and body scrub.


Your most important tip regarding skincare to all the beauties reading your interview??

Know your skin type and use products that suit that skin type. Using the wrong products can result into so many problems, such as breakouts, redness, uneven skin texture, etc.

ALSO: Try and give your skin a break and go makeup free for a day or two. It makes the world of difference!


Tell us about your skincare routine, what is it like in the AM and PM and what products do you use, what do you swear by and what has been a constant in your skincare routine?

I have to try out SO many products on a regular basis and because of this, my routines change often and my skin likes to act out. I use these products in the following order in the morning and evening.


1) Cleanser

2) Eye Cream

3) Facial Serum/Facial Oil (only a few drops)

4) Moisturiser with SPF


5) Moisturiser & a separate lightweight sunscreen (SPF 30)

*Exfoliate once or twice a week, depending on what my skin needs.


1) Micellar Water

2) Cleanser

3) Night Serum or Night Cream

(I’ll use a mask once a week before bedtime, depending how much my skin needs it. I’ll also try and have a facial every 8 weeks).

I’m also having a moment with micellar waters. I truly can’t get enough of them. The collection in my bathroom is rather astounding.



This is a hard one, but if you could only choose 1 of your skincare products, which one would it be and why??

It would have to be my beloved Elizabeth Arden The Original 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant. I use it everyday, all day, on everything.


Your top 3 high end favourite makeup products and why you love them so much?

My La Mer Foundation Brush (it allows my foundation to go on smoothly and effortlessly), Chanel Le Teint Ultrawear Flawless Foundation (lasts the entire day, from ridiculously early red eye flights right through until the late evening. It also covers redness like a boss!). Lastly, I’m a sucker for a Dior Addict lippy. 


Your top 3 drugstore makeup products that you love and why?

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors in all shades (they last for ages and I love their finish), Rimmel Stayfast Eyeshadow Sticks (great colour pay-off and I use them as eyeliners – I love the thickness of the pencil) and lastly all Essence and Catrice bronzing powders and highlighters (they’re so affordable and make me feel so glowy).


If you could only have 5 products in your makeup bag, which ones would you have in there?

Full Coverage Liquid Foundation

Black Kohl Eyeliner

Shimmery Bronzer

Bright Liquid Lipstick

Soft Bronzing Brush

*I have eyelash extensions currently, so I don’t need a mascara or lash curler in my makeup routine.


How does your everyday makeup routine go? Which products you use in what order.

I try and follow the below order for my makeup routine (a girl can have lazy makeup days too!):

1) Primer

2) Brows

3) Eyeliner

4) Foundation

5) Concealer

6) Bronzer/Blush

7) Lips

8) Makeup Setting Spray (if needs be)



Do you have any hair care secrets?? And what are your top 5 hair care products you absolutely love?

I go for various in-salon treatments every 6-8 weeks and have my hair trimmed at the same time – this keeps split ends at bay. My hair’s high maintenance (sigh) and quite long; I mentioned in a previous answer that I change my colour often, so, it’s evident that I spend a lot of time, energy and money on my crowning glory. These are my top 5 go-to products currently:

1) Inoar Vegan Shampoo

2) Inoar Vegan Conditioner

3) Moroccanoil Original Treatment (A wonderful all-rounder: adds shine, tames flyaways and frizz, seals ends beautifully, speeds up blowdrying time and smells heavenly)

4) Any Tangle Teezer (Great for getting out knots)

5) Kevin Murphy Leave-In Repair (For when my hair’s really needing some TLC)


What are your go to body care products?

I love a good, nourishing body oil and body lotion. Lightweight, non-greasy formulas that seep into the skin without any residue are enough to win me over. I’m currently loving Avon’s Essential Moisture Light Body Lotion. It’s so easy to apply and has a clean scent. Another product I can’t live without is Bioderma’s Cicabio Arnica+. It’s a must if you bruise like a peach; simply apply some of the cream where you’ve bumped yourself and no bruise will develop! Wonder product!


What is your favourite fragrance and why?

I’m a Jo Malone girl through and through and purchase one of their new scents every month or so to add to my growing collection. Red Roses is probably my favourite as I’ve worn this fragrance on many special occasions in my life. 


Kelli has met some amazing people in her career, she added her career highlight images in her response, have a look :

Kelli & our very own celebrity chef Siba Mtongana. She has her very own cooking show on The food network, Siba's Table and she is also currently a judge on Chopped South Africa, alongside Jenny Morris and David van Staden.



Dineo Moeketsi, Presenter, Actress, Musician, Voice-Over artist & MC



Kelli with Will Malherbe, Director of International Education, Artistry & Communication at ‎Smashbox Cosmetics from Los Angeles, California.



Kelli with the way too attractive Jonathan Boynton-Lee, SA Style award winner, 6 time You Spectacular Award nominee (winning 2015’s Favorite TV presenter and Sexiest Man), Cosmopolitan’s sexiest man 2014, 2015 ANN7 South African of the Year nominee (trendsetting celebrity), the face of Joop! Homme SA, and after winning Season 7 of Strictly come dancing, the first person in the world to win two prime time reality shows. He is best known as a Top Billing presenter, and has traveled the world and shared the screen with the likes of Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Buble, Channing Tatum, Harry Styles, Bruce Willis, Cameron Diaz, Peter Jackson, Emily Blunt, Idris Elba, and Ana Wintour, to name a few.  The former catalogue and runway model is also an award winning and multi-talented filmmaker. Mouth full right?



Our gorgeous Kelli with Sechaba G from KFM



Kelli and Debbie Wild, lifestyle director for Jo Malone.



Kelli with celebrity chef Jenny Morris and her dear friend that is part of The Foschini group, Zoe Gruss.



Kelli snapping a selfie of her and Nigel Pierce and Sibs Matiyela from Goodhope FM.


Follow her on Instagram : @kelli_clifton

Twitter : @KelliClifton

It was an absolute pleasure featuring Kelli Clifton on The daily babe! She's gorgeous not just on the outside. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting this blog post together. Who doesn't love beauty & style tips from the insiders themselves.



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