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Our Daily scoop is a day late, but none the less it is still here for you to read. The Gorgeous Kandy Kane makeup is today's scoop and will also be our #BabeOfTheDay on Thursday, the 11th of May, you don't want to miss it. She will be going live at 12PM - so guess what all of us will be doing in our lunch times. Don't forget to tune in to see this pretty lady talk us through a makeup tutorial and share some of her tips and secrets. Here is a little Q & A for all of you to get to know her a little prior to her live insta video.

1. What sparked your passion for makeup?

My mom used to wear blue eyeliner, and at the age of 12 I think, she put some of that on my waterline because I kept on nagging her… at that moment. I was so mesmerized by the way it completely changed the way I looked. I immediately fell in love with makeup, and at the age of 16 I started experimenting, reading books and practicing the art of it.

2. Where and from who do you draw inspo from?

Definitely YouTube is where most of it started. When I discovered YT tutorials when I was 21, a whole new world opened up to me. Since then that’s where most of my inspiration and knowledge comes from. I also watch international makeup artists work, fashion runways and photo shoots and I also think Instagram now a days has a huge impact on the makeup inspiration topic.

3. If you could leave the house with only 1 makeup product on your face, what would it be and why that specific product?

Face cream with SPF. I'm 27 now. And I want to try and preserve my skin for as long as I can! Although that’s not really a makeup products. So I guess I will go with mascara, my lashes suck and everyone always thinks I'm not feeling well when I don’t wear mascara, so gotta build them lashes up and make them big and voluminous!

4. What do you reckon is must haves in a makeup collection?

For me? Everything is a must have haha. But if I would look at someone like my sister or mother, who only wear the basics, I would say invest in a good primer (face and eye) and a good setting spray. That way, your makeup will really last much longer for the day than what if would have if you didn’t use these products.

5. Which makeup products are always in your handbag with you on the go?

I only have a small Moroccan-oil Mirror and the lipstick I am wearing for the day!

6. What are your favourite drugstore makeup product?

The Yardley Absolute Loose Powder… the translucent one

7. Tell us about your skincare routine, which products you use and in what order?

I'm still at a place in my life where I am busy figuring it out. So It does change quite a bit because I am trying different products to see what works for me and what not. But at this moment it goes like this:
Use The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser to remove most of my makeup
Cleanse my face with The Body Shop Tea tree foam wash
2nd cleanse my face with The Body Shop Drops of Light Face Cleanser
- once a week I would do the Body Shop Drops of Light Peel
- once a week I would after that then do a mask, I really love the GlamGlow range, my fave is the Flashmud
Then I would apply a bit of The Body Shop Drops of Light Essence Lotion
And depending of if it’s day or night…
Daytime - apply day cream, at this moment I am using Benefit’s one.
Nighttime - I will apply a face oil, so either Swiitch Beauty Glo up Drops or The Body Shop Vit E oil, or Smashbox Primer Oil
And then I also use REVITA.ESP lash serum on my lashes
and finish off with a mist or two of the Benefit facial re hydration mist.

8. Do you have any skincare favourites, and why are they your favourites?

My current obsession is GlamGlow products… not only are the products effective, but each one has it’s own fun element to it and the packaging is cool. Everything about it is awesome!

9. Any tips for all the newbies tryna figure out the winged liner vibes?

Wow… go watch my very first makeup tutorial on Youtube… I thought I had the wing down… looking at it now, I cringe! Practice makes perfect… practice before you get in the shower or bath… it’s just makeup, it washes off, and believe me… if you just leave it. You are never going to master it… It is what I have done for years, and I still practice it!

10. What are your favourite shades to rock on your eyes?

Warm, warm, warm honey! I am very much like Jaclyn Hill when it comes to this. Cool tones suck on me. So give me red, orange and yellow transition shades and I am as happy as a chappy.

Go give her some love on her Youtube Channel - Click the link below :

Kandy Kane Makeup


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