The Daily Scoop : Anja Wintour from Glitz & Grammar

Today we are dishing the scoop on the gorgeous & oh so stylish, Anja Wintour from the Glitz & Grammar blog. She shares her closet essentials and on everything style.


What made you start a blog?

I was really bored in my first job, so I decided to start a blog and a Twitter account to have some creative freedom. It worked!

Facebook : Glitz & Grammar
Twitter : @anjawintour
Instagram : @anjawintour


Where do you get your blogging inspiration from and why?

I actually get most of it from Twitter. As much as I love fashion, my main focus is pop culture. So Twitter is the best place to get the latest celebrity news and funny opinions about it.


Who is your top 3 favourite fashion bloggers?

Internationally I love Chiara Ferragni and Cheralee Lyle. Locally I think Niquita Bento is absolutely killing it. I love every single one of her Instagram photos!


Which blog/s do you check daily? (Your absolute fav blog, any niche)

I know this might come as a surprise, but I don’t actually read blogs. I get all my info and inspiration from my two favourite social platforms: Twitter and Instagram.


From who and where do you get your style inspo from?

I get a healthy dose of fashion inspiration from the ‘Explore’ section on Instagram. Other than that. I work with some really fashionable women who keep me on my toes!


Who is your no.1 style inspo?

I don’t really have one specific person I idolize in terms of fashion. I get my inspiration from all over.


What are some of your current fashion/style  obsessions at the moment?

I am truly infatuated with the velvet trend, and I also really love that embroidery has made a comeback.


What is your ultimate 1 item in your wardrobe you cannot live without and why?

My black leather skirt. It is incredibly versatile, but also a little bit badass. The perfect combo!



When you can't think of anything to wear, what is your go to outfit?

I’m not really a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. In summer it’s a maxidress, and in winter it’s a skirt, stockings and a pretty coat.


5 Classic essentials every lady should have in her closet in your opinion?

A pair of jeans that makes you feel like you’re magic.

A black dress that you can wear to work, or to a wedding.

A leather jacket. It’s perfect for every season.

A bra that makes you feel sexy.

And then a simplistic white blouse that can be worn anywhere, anytime.


What are your favourite places to shop at?

I’m a big fan of the Utopia collection on Zando – I’ve found some fantastic pieces from them. I also love the David Jones collection at Woolworths. I’m a big fan of the quality and simplicity. Superbalist is also a great choice for statement pieces.


The item everyone must have in their wardrobes RIGHT NOW??

Embroidered denims! 

I love ladies sharing their style inspo and take it on! This concludes today's scoop! Till Wednesday.

Jess, XOXO

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