Survival guide to get through THAT time of the month!

We get it: Periods suck—big time.


Let's talk periods, some may think it's a weird topic or a too sensitive topic, but the reality is - we all have to go through the period week! Yea, it sucks. But I am here to help!

Dark undies

So, it's awkies to have a chat about this - but hey, I'm all about awkies. I wear dark underwear only when I am PMSing, chances are, somehow blood will get on your underwear - even if it's just a bit - wearing black undies for a week long will save you the hassle and heartbreak of throwing away or scrubbing the crap out of a good undie you actually love!!

Combat those icky breakouts

If you have mild breakouts and oily skin [the week before your period], doing simple things like switching to a gel  or foam-based cleanser will help get these under control. Try also using a lighter moisturizer when that time comes along!


Choose your snacks wisely

Fight the bloat by drinking plenty of H2O - and skipping high-sodium snacks, we all feel 10 pants sizes bigger when it's that time! Try munching on foods that are high in B1 and B2 vitamins, like fortified breads and cereals, to soothe cramps. As a bonus, the carbs will boost your serotonin levels, resulting in a less grouchy mood. Yogurt is great too, because the calcium may help take the edge off a bad mood (and a cup gives you about 200 milligrams).  If you've got a sweet tooth, sprinkle a few dark chocolate chips in to trail mix and keeping a zip-top baggie of it at your desk or in your bag before you start PMSing - by planning ahead, you'll ensure you've got a healthy snack ready for you, and you'll avoid over-indulging and not dive into a bucket of a 1000 chocolates, BUT you are allowed to.


Warm baths

I love starting my day of with a warm bath when I have more pain than usual. A warm bath just soothes, whether it's a sore, stiff muscles or aches and pains.

Warm water bag

A lot of ladies don't know this, but keeping warm while it's that time of the month helps to lessen the pain. And I think keeping warm and snuggled up is always a good idea anyway.

Socks & slippers

Don't trot around bare feet, like I said, keeping warm really helps with the pain. Buy yourself a thick, warm pair of comfy socks and make those your period socks.



This painkiller is one of the best ones out there for your monthly unwanted visitor that just barges in whenever she feels like it, uninvited and makes herself at home for  week, when all you want her to do is pack her bags and leave. Drinking a Nurofen or 2 will numb her out for a few hours, and it'll feel like she's not there at all.


Tampons/Pads/Mentrual Cups

To each their own, right? Whatever makes you feel more comfy - use just that! It's a personal choice to each lady out there. Tampons can be scary, but they are most comfortable - for me at least. I am slowly but surely working my way towards trying out the menstrual cup. For the ladies out there that think this is kinda weird, well it is, but I love the fact that it is reusable, it is silicone, so that means it won't leave anything behind - by that I mean, tampons leaves tiny fibers behind, it is cotton wool after all. Especially the cheaper tampons, which can cause infections or irritations, tampons also sometimes hurt a little when putting them in - where as the menstrual cup is silicone, so by simply wetting it underneath the tap, inserting it will be easier and not painful. Also tampons are land waste - where do you think they go? Definitely not tampon heaven. A menstrual cup you can use for years, where as tampons you can go through a whole box per month. Imagine 20 tampons in a box, 2000 girls on their period, that is 20 000 tampons getting flushed away - not cool!! Yes, this is my inner earth child speaking! I try consider our planet as much as I possibly can.



Lastly, nothing better than chilling in bed with some coffee and good series or movies! My loves, Netflix is the answer.

That concludes this post! Periods are weird, but they're part of life, unfortunately!


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