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You have seen it all over instagram, facebook & snapchat. Silicone makeup puffs are reigning supreme in the beauty world & are said to be 2017’s must have tool - should you jump on the bandwagon?

Here is what the #JellyBeautyBlender looks like. Originally introduced by an indie brand from Asia & brought to South African shores by SwiitchBeauty, the tool is essentially non pouros silicone encapsulated in a non permeable layer of thermoplastic polyurthane, and you know what that means - 0% absorbtion of product & 0% wastage.

This product was made famous by Youtube Beauty Guru’s Jeffree Star & Nikkie tutorials, tons of bloggers & vloggers have followed suit and so you can find tutorials & reviews by the plenty with just a quick search in google.

Being a lover of my beauty blender sponge ( which just happens to soak up 29953783 litres of my foundation ) I had to try out this alternative that promised to avoid just that!

The surface of the #JellyBeautyBlender is very smooth. Simply apply foundation / tinted moisturizer ( about half the amount you would regularly use ) in dots around your face & then use the flat end of the blender to pat & smooth in product. I must admit - it does take a little getting used to, but once you are, you’re good to go. For me, it saves me 2-3 minutes in the morning because I don’t have to dampen it, like I damp my beauty blender. For foundation to go on smoothly, youre going to want to regularly exfoliate & moisturize well. Using a primer beforehand does wonders, I haven’t found a primer that I swear by as yet and so I just opt for going in with a second layer of moisturizer before foundation and that does the trick leaving my foundation looking like a second skin.


A major plus for me is how easy it is to clean, run it under hot water - no soap needed, and you’re good to go. Cleaning my brushes is an absolute necessity for me and can become such a schlep at times, especially if I am in a rush. Because of this, I think this product would be ideal for MUA’s who find themselves working between many clients per day. Not leaving your brushes / sponges to air dry properly makes them ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, ew.

This product is NOT for everyone. If you have severe cystic acne or prefer a very matte, high coverage / thick foundation- I would not reccomend this product to you. You may want to try a buffing brush instead, like the #S19TotalBuffer
If you have reasonably smooth skin & prefer a medium to lightweight, fresh, dewy coverage - you’re going to want to give it a go.

The #JellyBeautyBlender only has to be purchased once every 5-6 years, so if you are looking for something to last you in the long run instead of a sponge that needs to be replaced every 3 months or a brush that needs to be replaced every 2 years, at R150, its a minimal investment to make.

When you’re applying product with the blender, that product isnt going anywhere else, except your face - when you’re appliying product with a sponge or brush, the product is bound to be soaked up into the brush / sponge before its soaked up by your skin. Now what we can take from this is that obviously using the amount of foundation that you would regularly use would mean that you would end up with an excess amount of foundation on your face making you look cakey, the key to using the #JellyBeautyBlender in the right way is to start with tiny amounts of foundation & pat in the product as needed, so you can build until you have reached your desrired coverage.

For me, my foundation went on super smooth & did not cake at all - I decided to try it out for my mother, because she’s older, her pores are more enlarged and her skin has a lot more fine lines. The #JellyBeautyBlender did the job of spreading the foundation around but because her skin was so dry, It looked unnatural. Because the product was already on her skin and off of the blender, I just went in with a buffing brush ( the #S19TotalBuffer ) & that worked wonders. I tried the #JellyBeautyBlender on her a second time, this time using an extremely hydrating moisturizer beforehand and the end result was flawless!


The #JellyBeautyBlender is a brilliant tool to use if you have relitively smooth skin, and prefer a medium to lightweight coverage. At R150, you can’t go wrong.
It spreads product evenly & quickly without absorbing a drop saving you time & money. I would reccomend using a patting motion when applying foundation for best results.

Saves product
Easy to clean
Lasts 5-6 years
Spreads product evenly

Takes a bit of time to get used to
Blending around the nose is tricky, but not impossible



UPDATE: The above review was written approximately  3-4 weeks ago, I have since been using the blender daily and have a few tips to mention! 

I found that my main issue when using the blender was the fact that I would always pump out too much foundation. I usually ( with a brush or sponge ) use about 4-7 pumps of my foundation, so I figured, using the blender I would only need about 3-4 pumps. I was wrong. I needed just a little less than 2 pumps. And I found that when I put very, very little product onto the blender, patted into my skin & repeated the process I was a lot happier with the finish & coverage that it provided. So instead of going ahead and pumping out a ton of foundation dotting my face and blending, I took a tiny amount on the tip of my blender, patted it into my skin and just repeated that until I was happy. I think the key is using tiny amounts. I really am so chuffed with the way my foundation has been sitting throughout the day and I am even more chuffed with the fact that I end up using a tiny fraction of the amount of foundation that I usually use. If you're going to squeeze out a ton of product on your blender and just start smearing your skin with it, you're going to end up with the foundation sitting ON TOP of your skin looking like an uneven layer. But when you use tiny amounts and work quickly to blend & pat you're going to end up with what looks like a flawless, second skin. 

The #JellyBeautyBlender can be purchased for just R150 by clicking this link

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