Send your under eye bags packing!

Dark under eye circles are horrible, but I would argue that puffy under eyes are even WORSE! They are much harder to conceal and hide like you can do with dark circles. This is what brings us onto our next topic : Lymphatic drainage, what it is and how it's done.


What is Lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic is a massaging technique, also called Lymphatic drainage or manual lymph drainage. It is a technique developed in Germany for treating lymphedema, an accumulation of fluid.


How to massage your under eye area?

Use your ring fingers to gently massage around the eye area. Remember to go in the correct directions and gently press onto the pressure points. The image below illustrates in which directions you should be going where :

As you can see, across the bags of your eyes you have to sweep outwards. 

Tips for minimizing puffy eyes :

Prevention is cure right, so I decided to add a few tips into this blog post on how you can reduce puffy eyes.

  1. Limit salty foods. Salt can cause fluid retention, so watch out for salty snacks, processed foods and fast food.
  2. Watch your alcohol intake and avoid drinking late at night. Excessive alcohol consumption will weaken blood vessels over time, which means more dilated vessels and more fluid in the eye area.
  3. Avoid rubbing your eyes. This irritates the delicate skin.
  4. Don't sleep on your stomach. Your face will then end up rubbing against the pillow which will also cause irritation. Sleeping with your head up and slightly elevated will help with drainage.
  5. Be gentle when removing your eye make up. Try not to tug on the thin skin around your eyes, if your eye make up remover struggles to remove your make up rather switch brands.
  6. Keep your pillowcases clean. Sebum, sweat, skincare, makeup (hopefully not though) accumulate on your pillowcase, this can also cause irritation and clogged pores.
  7. Consider going for a lymphatic drainage service at a spa every once in a while.
  8. Don't overdo putting on eye cream at night. Only apply a small amount and avoid the lash lines on the upper and lower lids. Only apply a small amount below the brow bone and on the orbital bone (below the eye) the cream will spread by itself whilst getting absorbed.
  9. Try to use eye sheet masks or cooling eye masks often that contains hydrogel to keep the eye area hydrated.

Here are 2 Youtube tutorials for a better idea on how eye and facial lymphatic massages are done :

Here is a short video on how to get rid of under eye puffiness using Lymphatic massage :

 Video credit : Monica Yearwood

Here is a short video on a DIY at home facial massage for Lymphatic Drainage :

Video Credit : Joanna Vargas Skincare

This concludes the post on how lymphatic drainage is done - I hope this was enlightening and that you try it out to send those eye bags back to where they belong!

Love, Jess


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    Really love this article, i have used this technique before and i love that it works :)


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