Makeup for hooded eyes 101

Us hooded girls, we know the struggles! Can't ever get our eyes to look like our favourite YouTuber's or Makeup artist's eyes. The only thing we can do is embrace it and figure out what to do to make the most of our hoods!


Firstly, you need a great eyeshadow primer :

Those with hooded lids know better than anyone else how easily their eye makeup smears and smudges, so invest in a great primer to get things off to a stellar start.

Apply the shadow ABOVE your crease :

Apply the eyeshadow just above where you're marking your crease as opposed to in the natural fold of your eyelid. This will make your eyes appear bigger.

That way, the color won't get lost when your eye is open

Keep your eyes open :

It's best to apply makeup with your eyes open, because it can be hard to find your natural crease with your eyes closed.


Invest in a waterproof mascara.

I have hooded eyes and if you do too we all know how our mascara ALWAYS transfer onto our skin - you can't then remove it without removing everything else you've applied on your eye lid. I find Benefit's They're real mascara works best - but using a good setting powder, translucent preferably over your eye look, you can get away with other decent mascaras too.

Hooded eyes can make your brow bone look 'fat' to minimize the appearance of them, stick with matte shades.

See image below, by adding a white, matte shade on your brow bone it appears like a larger area.


Create a cut crease :

Create a cut crease to fake a bigger eye - a cut crease gives you the power to draw the cut of your crease higher than the actual cut in your crease - this makes your eyes seem larger because you are creating an illusion - ah, the power of makeup right?


Bring the colour PAST the hood :

Any shades you put on, especially bright ones - bring it over past the hood of your eye, to maximize the eye look! Else, the colour will just dissapear underneath your hooded lids.


I hope these help all the hooded girls out there!

Till we meet again babes,



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