Is it for me? All about the gold flecked beauty oil we have been filling your feed up with!

If you have been eyeing our #GloUpDrops but are unsure of if the product is for you, read on! 

Regardless of the amount of moisturiser / primer I use before applying my makeup, my super dry skin is terribly unforgiving when paired with foundation. The only thing that did the job for me was baby bum cream, and even though it allowed my foundation to glide overtop, I almost felt suffocated because the product itself is unbearably thick & greasy. if I did not use it, I always found my foundation finish to be patchy & dehydrated. 

Over the trail period that I have been testing the #GloUpDrops, the product has quickly become one of my must haves, because of its versatility. Use this baby as a night oil under your moisturiser, use it under your foundation to ensure your foundation glides over top (I would recommend this best for liquid / cream based foundations and not powders), mix it into your foundation for a dewy+fresh finish, use it as a hydrating lip primer, use it under powder highlight for an amplified glow, and my favourite use - to revive old / dry cream products. 

Do you ever purchase a pot of eyeliner / cream concealer and accidentally leave the tub open only to come back later and find a dried up, unusable product? a few drops of this magical oil in there & the product comes right back to life. I especially love this for products that are just too stiff for use. 

I ALSO use this product as a primer before foundation & my skin literally drinks it up because it absorbs so easily, I also mix it into my foundation for a dewy & fresh finish, perfect for the summer! Most times I forget to use it prior to foundation, mostly because I am in a rush ( to go nowhere. I have no social life whatsoever. I do my makeup to take pictures for instagram ) so afterward, when I notice my foundation looks cakey as hell, I put a few of these drops on a damp beauty sponge ( don't use a brush because it will move your foundation all around) and just dab the oil overtop my foundation. It sinks in pretty quickly and I just use the other end of the sponge to pick up excess if there is any.

Lets take a look at the Ingredients:
Rosehip Seed Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Bois De Rose Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, 24k Gold, Vitamin E, Licorice Root Extract, Orange Peel Oil, Elderberry extract, Bergamot Oil,

All of these oils have some pretty bomb ass benefits for your skin, click this link for the full ingredient analysis ---> 


But you may be asking yourself, why on earth would I want 24K Gold on my face? Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the 24K gold flakes included in this formula claim to have great anti ageing properties, I haven't seen these yet, possibly because I don't have any wrinkles, lol. But the flakes melt into your skin as you massage the product in and it does leave me with a noticeable glow. Using this product for over 3 months has dramatically improved the sight of my pimple scars, something I have struggled with for what feels like forever. It has a very strong lemongrass scent, so if you like lemongrass ( like me ) yay for that! The scent does fade away though :(  As you can see above - all the ingredients are 100% Natural. So you're not getting any perfumes, chemicals or parabens up on yo beautiful face.

Applying just a night cream before bed is never enough for me. I always wake up with my skin severely dehydrated. But this oil paired with my night cream really locks moisture in ensuring I wake up the next day with hydrated & plump skin.

A little goes a long way for this product. It is going to be a while before I need to crack open a new bottle! But I will continue using it & keep you updated with my results.

P.S - The product is suitable for all skin types, if there are any questions I can answer regarding the #GloUpDrops - pop me a mail on & we can have some chit chat! 

The product is available on PRE ORDER only, click this link to purchase.






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