How to take bombass flatlays!

In this post I will go into detail about how I take and edit all my flatlays and what equipment I use.

What you will need :

White foam board/a white poster would do too but foam board lasts longer.

A camera or phone that takes very good pictures – I prefer a camera for this, it has more versatility settings wise. I use the Nikon D3100.

I do use a proper editing program, Photoshop, but Canva is also great for beginners and it is free. I prefer Photoshop for the obvious – it can edit anything, anyway you want it edited.

Natural light, there are a lot of options for this – I use natural like as it doesn’t take up extra space, power or setting up and down like equipment would.

And then props if you want to add that to your flatlays.


First things first, setting it up :

Obviously you put your foam board (preferably) down first and on top of this lay out your products, props, etc you want in your flatlay. There are tons of flatlay ideas all over the internet if you have a struggle of putting items together and making them look pretty. I mainly prefer the minimal look – just the product/s I want to shoot are in my flatlays.

Sometimes I will add a coloured or textured paper as seen below.


Settings & editing :

Exposure is most important – It’s better to have a slight over exposed photo (too bright) than an under exposed photo (too dark), it’s easier to bump the exposure down a notch than to add brightness. I learnt this when studying photography. So I always make sure my photos are nice and bright BEFORE I edit them. Mainly my only editing I do is, brightness and contrast, this is almost always the only thing needed. You can’t Photoshop or edit a bad photo to look good, you can only make a good photo look better.


If you shooting with your phone, it must be a phone with a real good camera, that is able to give you sharp, quality photos. You must be able to change the brightness when taking the photo.

This image was taken on my phone and ALL I did was adjust the brightness :

It really is this simply!


More about lighting :

I prefer natural light – it has always been my preferred style of shooting images. And my favourite time of the day to shoot is mid morning – 10 – 12AM or afternoon up until before 5PM. The light just seems warmer then. Early mornings and late afternoons the light seems cool, like it has a blue tone – to me at least and the light I shoot in.

The secret to shooting good flatlays is just to have an eye for putting products together finding a good angle – which is usually directly from the top and having a nice area that has good natural lighting. A bright image is easy to work with after it has been taken, like I say when editing I add brightness and some contrast.

And lastly, ALWAYS make sure all your products in your flatlay are in focus unless you intentionally want some of it blurred out. A blurry and dark image looks very amateur like. Bright photos catch the eye quicker, it look prettier, the products in the images are easier to identify and to see exactly what it is.


Flatlays are endless, you can style your images to exactly what you want them to be, add and take away, pop in a flower or a cute key ring, use patterned paper, confetti, glitter, trinkets, flower petals, a bit of green, you name it. Let your creativity flow. Learn how to style an image by reading more articles or browsing through Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.


In this post I covered the basics, what you need, what camera to use or what the camera should be able to do that you use and how to edit without making it complicated!


Till next time babes, 

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