How to make your matte liquid lipstick pout last all day long.

Matte liquid lipsticks are all the hype right now! We are all dying for the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick, not to mention Kylie Jenner's dreamy range of shades. We have the gorgeous NYX lingerie range and also The balm's, Meet Matte Hudges liquid lipsticks. We all love them so much, but none of us really know how all our most loved youtubers ALWAYS have those perfect pouts that lasts all day!


It's all about what you do BEFORE you put the liquid lipstick on.

Prepping your lips

Exfoliate your lips. Dry, dead skin is often what makes your lipstick look rough and uneven, so exfoliating is super important. The most common way of doing this is to use a lip scrub. No you can make a super simply scrub at home in an empty lip ice jar - with equal parts of sugar and coconut oil, if you want a scent add a drop of essence. Or if you want to save yourself the hassle, I recommend getting either the LUSH Cosmetics lip scrub, I personally love the Hey gorgeous one, or Dischem sells natural lip scrub in a tube for only R35 or so!

LUSH Lip Scrub

Hey Gorgeous Lip Scrub

Beauty Treats Lip Scrub from Dischem

 Another hack – use a wash cloth or toothbrush. This everyone has already (I hope so atleast) - I sometimes even use a wet facecloth to give my face a light exfoliation if my skin feels a little rough.


Then after you have done this, Anastasia Beverly Hills recommends then putting a tiny bit of wax-based lip balm on your lips to keep them moist. Chapstick is your best friend, even after you've applied your matte liquid lipstick and your lips start to feel tight,  dab on some chapstick over it to just make it feel slightly hydrated again.


The prepping your lips part you would ideally do about 15min or so before you are going to apply your matte liquid lipstick, to give your lip balm also a chance to actually do it's job and for your lips to absorb some of the moisture.

Using a lip primer is also a great way for your pout to stay intact, but it has to be compatible with the formula of your matte liquid lipstick.

You don't need a lot

Since these formulas are pretty pigmented, apply the colour to the bottom lip first, pressing your lips together, and then filling in your Cupid’s bow carefully with a lip brush or the product’s applicator.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, one of the matte liquid lipstick experts as we all know, suggests to clean off your brush inside the tube before you put it on, it’ll give you more control over your application.


Lip Liner

Use a lip liner to perfect the shape! Line exactly along your lip line, for a fuller effect link JUST OUTSIDE your natural lip line, I mean like AGAINST, else, truth be told it WILL LOOK FUNNY, kind of like clown lips. It won't look natural at all, from a far maybe, but close up you would be able to tell. You can use a lip liner in the exact shade of your lipstick or in a flesh tone. Using a lip liner allows you to create a smooth base for your matte color to sit on and also restricts it from bleeding, if it is a shade or brand that bleeds while also ensuring that it stays on through dinner, drinks, and whatever else you’re doing that day.


Stay away from oily food

This is kind of like applying matte liquid lipstick over lip gloss, it will mess with the formula and not dry on your lips and will come off. This is just the other way around. The oil will undo the dryness of the matte liquid formula and it will come off as well.

Good makeup remover

Get a proper makeup remover. Matte liquid lipstick looks great on and there's a reason they supposed to last all day long. They're tough to get off, so get a proper makeup remover to get it off properly and giving your lips a scrub after you've taken it of, I also highly recommend. Matte lipstick can be harsh and drying so when taking it off, repeat what you did before you put it on. Exfoliate and moisturize!

Love & matte kisses,


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