How to make your eyeshadow last all day long!!

Blending for your life, spending 20min on creating a flawless eyeshadow look and all you really want is for your eyeshadow to atleast last longer than 2hours, but it never does? I've got you. Here are my top tips to keep your eyeshadow on point the whole day long!



Primer & Concealer


Always start with a primer. Before you put anything on your eyelids, prime them! It’s the same concept of applying primer on your face before foundation in order for your foundation to last longer and look more flawless, but only for your eyelids. You may think it’s not worth it to spend money on a primer, and if so, your concealer can double up as a primer for your eyelids. Apply it all over the lid and set it with a powder closest to your skin tone. It really works just as well as a primer specifically for your eyelids! Priming your lids will smooth them out and help the eyeshadow to adhere to it without creasing or fading. Good primers don’t have to be expensive, here are a few of my favourites and also which concealers I use if I don't feel like a primer.

Cream Eyeshadow

Since we always need a smooth, even-colored base to start with, investing in a pale or neutral cream eyeshadow is a good idea. I love the cream shadows from Mina, and I have also heard a ton of great things about the cream shadows from Smashbox. You can use it as an eyelid base for all your powder eyeshadows. It will definitely help your eye makeup last longer and look prettier and perhaps even give it a more vibrant, bright feel! I love this shimmery shade from Mina (This is the only cream shadow I own) - It is perfect for a base, it has a gorgeous glow and shine to it and it is also perfect for your inner corners.

Setting Spray or Water

Before applying any eyeshadow, spray your makeup brush with some makeup setting spray, if you don't have, use some water. Don't overdo it, one spritz should do. You want just enough to help the eyeshadow spread smoothly and let it stick to where you've put it and show up more vibrant on your skin. As an added bonus the eyeshadow colour will look even better, because the setting spray or water makes it more vivid. Many powder eyeshadows can be applied with a moistened makeup brush for a more richly pigmented effect. To preserve the integrity of the powder. New York City, MUA Landy Dean suggests wetting only one corner of the compact eyeshadow pan and not the whole pan of eyeshadow.




The Right Tools



You can't send somebody to go paint a house with an art brush, nor can you ask an artist to create a masterpiece with a huge paint roller! So obviously, you can’t use the wrong brushes on your eyelids. A great eye look can only be created with the right brushes! There are a ton of brushes out there, of which the Blend 8 brush set from Swiitch beauty is my favourite set at the moment and super affordable, but you only need 3 basic ones - you'll need a blending brush, this will be a fluffy brush, you will need a smaller slighlty less fluffy brush, and then a harder, flat tip brush for applying colour on the lid of your eye, to be able to pack it on properly, a fluffy brush for more precise work will just get product everywhere and we don't want that.


All these tips are tried and tested by me, and my eyeshadow lasts forever, it stays vibrant and it does not move. Time to slay from day all the way into night with your gorgeous eye looks that lasts forever, and if anyone asks how you do it, send them here!!



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