How to get rid of nasolabial lines, naturally!

The nasolabial folds, commonly known as "smile lines" or "laugh lines", are facial features. They are the two skin folds that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. They are defined by facial structures that support the buccal fat pad.
Nasolabila lines
We all have them right? But do we all really want to go for botox or fillers to have them disappear. NO! So tonight I am sharing with you the all natural way how to get rid of these lines over time.
Nasolabial lines can make us look older, quicker. As we age they also get deeper, you ask me how to get rid of them? My answer is FACE YOGA. Yes, you read correct, face yoga. Skin treatments and anti-aging products won't work, because nasolabial lines are the natural folds on your face, when you laugh, when you smile, when you frown. You do this daily, so these lines are part of you, whether you want to know this or not. At first this makes no sense, doing yoga with your face, but once I explain a bit more and you look at the images, you'll see what I mean.
The following 'poses' you will be doing with your face :
1. Breath through your nose, keeping your mouth closed
2. Hold each pose for 10 seconds
3. Repeat each pose and hold for another 10 seconds
4. Relax
Nasolabial lines
Nasolabial lines
This may look funny and seem strange at first, but after a while of doing this daily for only a few minutes of your time, you will start to notice the lines seem less noticable and not as deep.
Till next time gorgeous Swiitchies,

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