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These are some basics to getting that highlight POPPIN’. Here are some of the tips&tricks I’ve learnt throughout my journey so far.

Firstly, don’t be afraid to use what you have. If you don’t have a highlighting product, a great alternative would be a shimmer eyeshadow. I find that it works the same and sometimes even better. If you are a fan of blinding highlight then I’d recommend spritzing a bit of finishing spray on the brush you’re using. If you don’t have finishing spray rose water or normal water works just as well.

Consider the type of brush you use when applying a powder highlight. If you have small face a fan brush is perfect, however by using a tapered brush you will get a more intense glow. The tip of the brush will pick up the product and the shorter hairs help defuse the product with good control.

For cream or liquid highlighting products, you can use the tips of fingers to blend it or you can use your trusty damp beauty blender so you don’t ruin your foundation and if that’s not blinding enough for you, top it off with a bit of your powder highlight – this will also ensure your highlight lasts longer.

Powder highlighters:
Swiitch Beauty’s #GLOWGASMPALETTE is a 6-pan palette that won’t break the bank.
NYX Cosmetics Strobe of Genius palette if you’re looking for some more daring.

Cream highlight:
Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up Stick is good, I reach for it 9 out of 10 times as a highlight powder base to give my glow that EXTRAAAA kick.

Liquid highlight:
NYX liquid illuminator is also good for that subtle natural looking glow, you can mix it into your foundation too to give you a dewy look.

By Cantara @ kalopsiablog

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