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Jessica Lee Van Staden

Here is a little get to know post from one of our lovely brand babes, Kirsty Viljoen.

I thought because this is my first blog post with the trendy swiitchbeauty that I would do a get to know me piece, giving you a sneak peek into my life including what I do as well as my never-ending obsession with makeup.


I am 25 years young – I say young because I am a person who is determined to see the positive in life. I am from the South of Johannesburg and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Foundation Phase teaching. By day I teach a class of high energy grade ones who keep me on my toes, but I always find the time to touch up my makeup, of course! I fill my spare time with my love for makeup by playing with new looks, finding new inspiration and creating content for my newly established Instagram makeup page and YouTube channel. I often get asked the question why I did not go into makeup professionally. My answer to this is because I love that I am able to shape the young minds of our future generation while making an impact in little people’s lives. An added bonus is that my job allows me the time to feed my passion for makeup.


My obsession with makeup started as a toddler and developed into a full-blown love affair since then. I am a self-taught artist and have learnt everything I know through experimenting, YouTube tutorials and mimicking techniques from fellow artists. I created my Instagram page - @Kirsty_viljoen_makeup as a way to showcase my love of makeup with a community of fellow makeup lovers. I enjoy sharing with people the looks I’ve created, the products I’ve used and my tips and tricks which I have learnt through years of playing with makeup. I’ve recently started my own YouTube channel which gives me an opportunity to share my looks through tutorials. So be sure to subscribe to my channel - Kirsty Viljoen, so that you can stay up to date with looks I’ve filmed.


I hope to be an inspiration to other babes and am extremely excited to have been selected as a Brand babe for swiithcbeauty. I look forward to future slayage with their unbelievable products while creating looks to inspire fellow babes. Make sure to give me a follow on my social media accounts to peep new looks daily. I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my life as much as I’ve enjoyed expressing it. Keep tuned for my next post, love KirstBabe. 

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  • Yess!
    Can’t wait to see you keep growing and stalk your slayage along the way !


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