DIY Lash & Brow Serum

Why pay for something you can make yourself for a fraction of the price and it works! If you want thicker brows and fuller lashes - stay tuned because I am going to give you the whole low down.



These are the ingredients you will need :

Castor Oil: Just like your body needs food to keep it going, caster oil is like food for your lashes. It is full of nourishing fatty acids like ricinoleic acid that moisturize and protect your lashes. Just like our hair and skin always getting washed, moisturized and treated because it gets dried out by the weather, soap, and everything around us - but our poor lashes never gets the same attention. On top of not giving your lashes the necessary attention, we are always putting mascara on and use eye makeup removers that also causes tension on the lashes. And if your lashes are dry, just like your hair, it gets brittle then tangle and break. The best way to prevent this is to keep them soft and moisturized.



Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Oils: These are both well known essential oils for supporting healthy hair follicles and lash growth. They are also both very calming and soothing oils, perfect for dry or sensitive skin!



How to make it :

You will need any form of an empty tub or tube - cleaned properly of course will do, as long as disposable spoolie can go in and out of it. And then of course disposable spoolies - these can be found at just about anywhere, China town has a ton for super cheap (You'' be throwing them away anyway). You can use an old, small and preferably soft makeup brush too to get closer to the roots - the spoolie may be too bulky for that.



Step number 1 :

First clean out whichever empty you are going to make your formula in. Make sure it is also dry 100% before you mix your oils/serum in there - as any left over water will interfere with the formula.

Step number 2 :

3/4 of your tub or tube has to be filled up with caster oil. Then add 2 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 drops of cedarwood oil.

Step number 3 :

Make sure your tub/tube is closed nice and tight before you give it a good shake to mix all the oils together.

Step number 4 :

Apply a thin layer nightly before bed to give your lashes and eye brows some good old love. This recipe is shelf stable for a decent period of time. 6 months to be safe - but you will be able to smell if it is off.



Note : Do not get in your eyes!

Essential oils are great, with a lot of amazing properties, but they aren’t meant to go in your eyes. So as a precaution, just make sure you don’t get any in your eyes — using a thin layer helps.

This recipe is already diluted, but it still may sting a bit if it goes in the eyes - it wont be an issue using it on the lashes or brows. If that happens — DO NOT WASH WITH WATER. Get a little more oil (castor, coconut, sweet almond, any vegetable oil will work), and massage it over your eyes to clean it out. Then wipe excess oil away with warm water.



How long till you notice results?

Since it takes time to nourish and restore healthy lashes, you need to use your serum consistently for 1-3 months to see a difference.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave us a comment down below!

Till next time beauties,

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