#BOTD : Stephanie Smith

Tomorrow's #BabeOfTheDay is the beautiful lady - inside and out, Stephanie Smith! Catch her live at 10AM on the Swiitch Beauty Instagram account.

Let's start off with a little introduction? 

I’m a small town girl (can I say girl if I’m 30, or is that being too cheeky), who moved to Johannesburg in the pursuit of love. My goal in life is to be happy in all aspects of it, which is a daily struggle. I am driven by my love for my husband, friends, family and makeup.

What does your everyday makeup look consist of?

I am either the bare faced sloth working from home or a high maintenance betty who goes all out. I battle to find a middle ground. Most days it’s everything from primer, to full coverage foundation, a smoky eye and bold lip. And loads of highlighter!


Your top 3 makeup products in your collection right now?

That is like asking a mother to choose her favorite child? But let’s pretend I’m the evil step-mom….Top 3 makeup products I cannot live without in my collection (excluding brushes) are the NYX Brow Pencil, the MAC individual eye shadow in the shade I’m Into It and the Essence Lip Liner in the shade Soft Berry.


What is or are your favourite face primer/s and why?

The Smashbox Hydrating Primer is amazing for soothing dry, irritated skin. It’s a fresh drink of water when your skins feeling super crusty and tight. I have also recently found that layering the Benefit Porefessional on top of MAC Strobe cream gives you the benefits of both worlds. Your skin is left glowing and smooth, a perfect canvas to begin your face painting.


If you could leave the house with only 1 makeup product on your face what would it be? And why?

Brows, brows and did I mention brows? I was blessed with my grandfathers eye brows which didn’t get the memo that hair needs to grow at the top of the tail end of the brow. Filling them in and defining the tails makes such a difference to my overall appearance and helps to lift my hooded eyes, making me look more awake.  The great Anna Faris once said “The eyes are the nipples of the face” so anything you can do to frame them in my books is a great start to your makeup day.


Which concealer do you swear by?

I honestly don’t feel like I have tried enough to give a fair or well informed answer. For now it’s between the MAC Pro Longwear and the Urban Decay Naked Concealers. They both have their pro’s and con’s and work best for different occasions/situations.


How did you fall in love with makeup? And why?

There are three reasons which played a role in developing my love for makeup. The first was weight gain. I was (and sometimes still am) too lazy to drag my ass to the gym and so I wanted to find another way to make me feel more attractive.  The second is my home life. My husband is constantly on the road and having grown up in KZN I have little to no family/friends in JHB. So it was the perfect escape each night when I got lonely to sit in font on my lap top and let the ladies of YouTube guide me through their amazing skills and makeup looks. Watching and practicing helps me pass the time and keeps me company.

Lastly I must give credit to my amazing sister-in-law Brittany Smith (or as I call her, my Smithster). She is an incredibly talented makeup artist and hair stylist that took the time to share her tips and tricks and encouraged me to follow my passion.


Tell us how do you take care of your skin? 

Night vs Day is a little different. My morning routine is a light cleanse, eye cream and day cream. I use all Artistry Products which are part of the Amway product offerings (Oh boy, now I feel like I am opening up a can of worms. I am not a part of Amway, if you are that’s great, I just happen to love and swear by the Artistry skincare range).

For my night time routine I use the same cleanser on the Swiitch Beauty Pore Cleansing pad followed by makeup remover over stubborn areas such as the eyes. Then I slather on a skin serum, eye cream and night cream . When my skin is feeling extra dry I often add a beauty oil to my night cream. Once a week I use an exfoliating facial scrub and twice a week I use a hydrating/soothing mask. Sooooooo….my skin care routine is super high maintenance, but if your skin isn’t in good condition then making your makeup look good becomes more of a challenge.


Any favourites or must haves us ladies should know of?

The Garnier Oil Infused Miceller Water for Dry and Sensitive Skin works wonders in removing heavy eye makeup, including water proof. I usually wash off the excess as I don’t like the oily feeling it leaves but it does not burn or take 7 years to remove your makeup.


Another sensitive skin favorite is the Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara, it’s a little up there in price for a drug store mascara but it’s amazingly buildable, separates and lengthens your lashes and does not flake or irritate your eyes. But beware the enormous wand and don’t poke your eye out.


What is your go to lip Colour when going out?

My go-to lip color is whatever I’m feeling that day. It’s something easy to tweak which can change your whole look. At the moment I love MAC Whirl made famous by Kylie Jenner. Insert eye-roll…she was onto something. I am also a fan of MAC Cyber which is a deep dark purple and Amorous, a more muted mauve. For my nude girls MAC Blankety or the Essence Come Naturally lipstick paired with the Essence Soft Berry Lip Liner make for a gorgeous ombre lip. I like MAC lipsticks OK.


Which products would you use for a 4 products only face?

L’oreal Infallable 24hr Foundation

Swiitch Beauty Slays For Days Pallette for brows, eyes and highlighter

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

MAC Crème Cup Lipstick for cream blush and lips


What is your go to lip care products? 

My toothbrush for a little exfoliating action followed by the Avene Cold Cream Lip Cream to provide moisture and shine. Then I pop my smackers into the Swiitch Beauty Lip Enhancer and suck GENTLY. I have had some hilarious and embarrassing bruising experiences getting a little too excited over this gadget. It plumps my lips for around 2 hours and is great for use ahead of any short functions such as a dinner date. Slap on your favorite lip product and you’re all set to be the duckiest-duck-face in the land.

Till next time ladies!

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