#BOTD Q & A with Stella & Bee from Stellbee Blog

Tomorrow's #BabeOfTheDay is Stella & Bee from Stellabee blog! They will take over our Insta for the day and also do a live makeup look for all you beauties! Here is a little Q and A to get to know them better!!


1. How did you 2 ladies decide you want to start a blog together, and how long have you been blogging for?


We started Stella & Bee in January of 2016. We have always been interested in all things beauty related. We both love photography and writing.


2. What is your favourite part about being beauty bloggers?


Our favorite part is being able to share our beauty experiences and favourite products with our family and friends/subscribers. We love experimenting with different products and looks.



3. Who are your favourite bloggers and youtubers that you follow and draw inspiration from?


We follow so many talented YouTubers and bloggers. Our top five includes; Negin Mirsalehi, Linda Hallberg, NikkiTutorials, Desi Perkins and Zoella


4. What does your 'everyday face' look like?


Bee : My everyday look is simple. 

I use:


-Colour correcting

-BB Cream



-Peach Blush

-Translucent powder

-Bold/Dark brows

-Mauve/Nude lip


-Setting spray


Stella : I recently started using BB Cream and I’m loving it. I tend to go for a bronzed look.


I use:


-BB Cream


-Compact Translucent Powder



-Mauve Lip

-Neutral Eyeshadow


-Setting Spray



5. In your opinion, must have makeup products every babe should own?


The number one product will have to be mascara followed closely by primer and foundation. Let’s not forget about the glow a good highlighter can give you.


6. How important is skincare to you and what are your current skincare routines like?


Skincare is very important to us, when your skin looks good so does your makeup. You can find our updated skincare routine on our blog.


7. Your number one ride or die makeup product?


Bee : I can’t go without my Brow pencil.


Stella : Mascara used to be my favorite product but since I got lash extensions I don’t need it anymore. Highlighter took it’s place.


8. Name us 5 of your top favourite brands - it can be skincare or makeup?


Bee : My top 5 fave brands are Essence, Rimmel, SwiitchBeauty, Maybelline and Neutrogena.


Stella : Tarte, Inglot, The Body Shop, Neutrogena and OFRA. (Choosing my top 5 was difficult)




9. If you could leave the house with only one makeup product and only one skincare product on your face, what would it be?


Bee : If I could leave the house with only one make-up and one beauty product on my face it will be moisturiser and BB cream. The Neutrogena water gel moisturiser and the Garnier BB Cream to be exact.


Stella : Hopefully I’ll never have to but if I had to choose it would be The Body Shop’s BB Cream and my trusted Neutrogena Hydro Boost moisturiser.


10. What can we expect on the blog in June?


You can expect quite a few beauty and lifestyle posts: 


Travel Essentials

Brow routines

Winter Essentials

Eyelash Extensions 


Subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

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Till tomorrow,

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