#BabeOfTheDay Q & A with Amber Jade Greyling

Tomorrow Babe of the day, is the gorgeous Amber Jade Greyling. Now, we like to give our readers a little insight on who they will be watching live on our Insta. You know, to feel like you know the person a little more and maybe even relate to her in a lot of ways or a few. Here is Amber a little about what she loves, how she stays healthy, her must-haves and lots more. 
1. What does your daily face makeup routine consist of?
For everyday, I lean towards a very natural look, so firstly, moisturizing is essential, then of course primer, light weight foundation, and some powder to set everything down. For an easy everyday look I don't contour, but never skip bronzer. Highlighter is a MUST, I adore glowing for the gods of highlight, making them proud, so I never skip this step. Then I always keep my brow game strong, what is a good makeup look but your brows ain't on fleek? Next I use mascara, then I lightly outline my lips and apply a neutral color or sometimes even just lip balm instead of lipstick. Lastly, setting spray to keep my makeup from going everywhere and slay the entire day knowing my makeup is on point.
2. Your 1 makeup product you'd die without? And why?
Highlighter and mascara. I want people to see me from outer space so for me highlighter is a must, as well as mascara just completes the whole look for me, big bold eyes are a YES, always... Eyes seem naked without mascara.
3. How do you stay healthy?
Going to the gym at least 4 times a week and having a balanced diet.
4. Tell us about your take on skincare? 
It's a must for me to take care of my skin, moisturize every morning and night, using bomb face masks and using a toner once in a while is also great. Drinking lots of water also contributes to having clear and glowy skin. 
5. What is your favourite face masks and why?
Sorbet face masks are amazing, I've used the brightening and revitalizing face mask as well as the spot and blemish one and it literally makes you feel like a new person. Clicks and Dischem also have great masks for all skin types. After using them my skin feels fresh and rejuvenated, I love it.
6. Are you a nude lippy or bright lippy kind of girl?
I'm a bit of both, for everyday casual looks I definitely lean towards neutral colors on my lips, but for formal events I'm a sucker for bright red lips. Best of both worlds!!!
7. The one clothing item you can't live without and why?
I love dressing up and getting all fancy, so I'll have to say I can't live without a little black dress. I can dress it up or down, throwing on a pair of sneakers or rocking it with an amazing pair of heels, I can do both!! 
9. Also, in her makeup collection?
Highlighter and red lipstick, for sure. 
10. How would you describe your style? 
I try wear clothes that show off my figure best. I wear trendy and classy clothes, but also lean towards the casual and comfortable styles for an everyday look.
11. What are your hair care secrets?
Hair masks are fantastic, also, coconut oil works wonders.
See you gorgeous Swiitches tomorrow again for another enlightening post!

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