#BABEOFTHEDAY - Madison Schidlowski

1. What is your everyday makeup routine like?
My mom always said; 'A lady never leaves the house without looking like a million bucks, even when you are just going out to buy bread and milk'. So my everyday makeup is pretty much a full face. I always start by prepping my skin, first with moisturizer and then with a good primer. Adding foundation is the actual first step. I'll add my concealer where needed and set my entire face with translucent powder. Normally I start with my brows before touching my eyes. With or without eye shadow, I'll do a sexy winged liner, it's a definite must for me! After eyes, I contour my cheekbones, nose, forehead and jawline. Next on my list is highlight, highlight and some more highlight! My last step is adding some colour to the lips to brighten up the look.
2. If you could only leave the house with 1 makeup product on your face, what would it be?
I will never be able to leave the house without my brows being done! 
3. What are your top 5 favourite makeup products right now?
This is probably the easiest question!
Foundation -  I am obsessed with the L.A Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in Fair
Swiitch Beauty - Slay for day palette is a must 
Swiitch Beauty - Glowgasm palette
Essence -  The Cushion Eyeliner 
Nyx - HD Studio Concealer in Fair
4. What about makeup do you love so much?
I fell in-love with makeup because it allows you to be who ever you want to be, when ever. I guess to me makeup is like an outlet; if I am feeling happy and full of sunshine, I'll add an extra dose of colour to my makeup. I love expressing myself through makeup and the creativity of it. There is no wrong in makeup. 
5. When did the makeup bug bite you?
Probably when I was in Grade 7, when I went for my first ever wax to remove my Mono Brow. It's the weirdest place to spark my interest, but it's where it all began. Eventually I went into the modelling biz, but again, makeup was left right and center. I soon realized that I had to scrap the modelling idea, and focus on my actual passion, #Makeup!
6. What is a day like in the life of Madison?
Shockingly enough, most of my daily life consist of online computer gaming. I'd say that gaming is my second biggest passion. I always do my makeup before anything else. Even if it is a simple winged liner, I have to put on some makeup. If I don't have any plans, I mostly sit behind my computer, watching my favorite makeup Youtubers, taking notes from them, or I game all day everyday.
7. Favourite lippy and why?
At the moment it's the Essence Matt Lip gloss. I normally wear the red or the dark pink shade. It is a really affordable product, it doesn't dry out my lips like most matte lipsticks do and it lasts me a few hours before I need a new layer. 
8. Are you a gloss or matte girl?
I'm definitely a matte kinda girl!
9. Which makeup products do you carry with you all the time?
Three things that are a must where ever I go: 
1. My mascara
2. Which ever lippy I am wearing for the day
3. My compact powder 
10. If you could leave the house right now and go purchase a high end makeup product what would it be?
I won't be able to choose just one product, but definitely the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation and the amazing Full Spectrum Palette!
11. Tell us about your skincare routine?
I am probably the worst when it comes to skin care. I am super lucky with not having any break outs or any skin problems, I guess I can thank my genes for that! I use very little product on my face but ones that work like a bomb. I like to mix it up with my face masks, I use the 3in1 Deep purifying scrub mask called Blue Corn, it's amazing for exfoliating your skin. Another one I love is the Oil Banancing Clay Mask called Seaweed, both are from the Body Shop. I am pretty basic with creams. My holy Grail is the Hydro Boost Gel-Cream from Neitrogena. It is so light weight, really hydrating and quite affordable. I use the cream day and night and I'll pamper my skin with the masks about once a week. I cleanse my face with the Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused cleansing Water. This is so soothing, removes stuborn makeup and again hydrates my skin because of the oil. I use it every day.

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