100+ Lipstick Shades with the #HOLYGRAILFLASHCASE

Today's post I had so much fun prepping. It took me quite a while, but finally it is finished. How to create 100+ lipstick shades with the Holygrail flashcase. Yes, more than a 100 shades. Including how to mix the BRAND NEW Kylie & Kim Kardashian collaboration shades and some HUDA shades!


I have mixed up more than a 100 shades of lipsticks with only 12 pigments! Yes, this little flash case is everything a girl needs. Besides the fact that you can use it for liner, foundation, concealer, blush, brows and colour correcting, you don't need a single lipstick either if you have this case. Your already have 12 shades in the case, a black lippy, a brow, pink, red and peach shade. Obviously the more crazier shades too like the yellow, green and blues. There are also 2 shimmer shades.


I used blue - the 5th shade from the left, adding red creates purple - 4th shade from the left and adding white creates a lighter purple, the more white, obviously the lighter. The 6th shade from the left will be the 4th shade with a tad of black, the 7th would be exactly that just a little more black. The last shade will be the 7th shade with a little white added.


Starting from the shade on the very end (the right side). I mixed black and brown. The shade next to it, the 6th shades I added more brown. The 5th shade I added a bit of pink, then more with some white, the 3rd shade added more white, 2nd a little more white and the 1st shade I then went and added a bit of brown and white. So in other words, let's take shade 4 - I used brown, pink, white and black to create that shade!



Orange is simple, you mix red and yellow to create that shade, and white to lighten or brown to darken. there is already a peach shade in the flash case and by adding orange to the peach you get a coral, and if you add a little red to the coral you get the last 2 shades.


So, starting from the very last shade, that is pink mixed with a little red. 2nd from last is the pink already in the case. The 2 shades before those are pink with white added. The 3rd shade from left is light pink with a little peach. To create the very first shade I used pink and brown and a tad of white, the 2nd shade is a little more pink added to the 1st shade.

With these gorgeous nude I just let my mixing flow if you could say that. Making a note of every single shade formula would've taken me so long, so I didn't do that, I think this is what the beauty of this case is, you can do anything, create any shade. Basically the base colours for the nude would be brown, white and peach. And the white will adjust how light your shade is and the brown how dark.

Above I added black in here and there, also blue and red to create the purpley shade.

Now for the new Kylie collection that she created with Kim! It is 4 shades, take into consideration that the flash case isn't the same formula as hers and also take into consideration the camera may have made the colours pop a bit more and maybe seem a bit bright!


As you can see my shades do seem a little darker, it was my camera that did that. And even it is a little darker, nothing a little white can't fix. Here are the formula's "

Kimberly :

White, brown, yellow and peach!

Kim :

I am almost sure I added a tad of brown to the peach and white to create this shades, I just didn't swatch it when I took an image. Regardless, I used brown, white and peach.

Kiki :

Pink. peach, brown and white creates Kiki.

Kimmi :

This shade was a little more intense, I used yellow, red, peach, brown, pink and white.

I also created all of these shades using red as the undertone or actual shade : Shades of red.

Some more shades I made :

Now for some HUDA shades :

I created Heartbreaker

I created Icon

I made Gossip girl

I used white too!

And I made Flirt & Spice girl

First shade is Flirt made with black, borwn and white + a little more black and brown then you get Spice girl!

And babes, that is it! I hope you enjoyed this post, any questions, just comment below!

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Hi! Thank you so much for this post! I have tried and failed to mix a burgundy shade, and finally I get it! I used to just add black to red, but that just ended up as purple (which still looked great on the lips) but now I’m going to try red and brown. Wish me luck!


Definitely something to try out
Those are really stunning colours , can’t wait to experiment with them and thank you for the tips !


Hi There,

This post just guaranteed a purchased of the #HolyGrailFlashCase, one q though, mixing these pigments for lipsticks is super awesome, but how much wear time am I going to get out of them?

Would love to hear your response!

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